Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great Find by A. Nonymous

Lauren Mitchell's Massilia beam routine!

Things to note:
1. French people actually listen to the 'Amelie' soundtrack? Wow. Would it be right to say that comes across as a bit cliche?

2. The nearby vaulting must be really distracting while you're on beam. Thanks heavens for P-Liddy's sound effect tapes and flashing light.

3. Bright light + white landing mat = distorted vision that makes her legs disappear slightly on her dismount. For a moment I thought she'd actually landed on her knees.

4. She always seems to wobble on one leg out of that backwards handspring-whip series. Could she sneakily work something in there to make the leg raise look like choreo and avoid deductions...?


Anonymous said...

I'm gathering this wasn't the 15.60routine as there's a lot of minor wobbles. I've yet to see her do a orutine where she hits all of her connections. This time she nails her front aerial front tuck but has problems with her normally excellent two footed aerial back tuck. Her double wolf turn was so good at DTB but here she only does 1.5 of the turn max, when usually she does about 2 and a half rotations. It's so frustrating to see her miss these connetions when she can hit all of them, just not in the same routine apparently .

Anonymous said...

Lauren needs to do 2 things to achieve new lew levels of awesomeness 1. bring back the front tuck mount, the Olympics are over
2. Learn a Patterson dismount.
3. Get her a-score to where it was in 07, at the 7.0 mark (the above thnigs will help)

Then she will be really well-placed

Mez said...

There's a big difference between a doble-pike dismount and an an arabian double front dismount though. Understandably she is familiar with the arabian technique as she does one on floor. But it's a different kettle of fish on beam. I always thought Chloe Sims could have a crack at the Patterson, as she did a double arabian on floor and already had a double front tuck dismount for beam.

Who knows???

Anonymous said...

She could go for a full-in seeing as she's doing one on floor. i'ld rather she stick with the 2 bhs to double pike than just have a Patterson or full-in, they're both worht the same. 2 bhs into a Patterson or a full-in on the other hand would be awesome and would give her the hardest dismount going around. I'd like to see her add an arabian or tuck full into her routine, I think she could pull it off.