Monday, November 17, 2008

Stuttgart Videos & Photos

Tried to post some of these last night and my internet crapped out on me. Grraaarrr....

So here we go.

You can see Lauren's beam routine (and hear some tennis results over the slow-mo replay) here and her floor routine here. You can't see her in the corner for the first bit due to the screen's cropping. Yes, she goes out on the piked full-in. She always seems to go out on her opening tumbles, perhaps her coaches need to look at the length of the run-up she takes? I 'unno. And don't those post-routine chairs look more cushy this year!? I want me one o' them!

You can also see her in the floor medal ceremony here.

Could she BE any cuter?

No word on MAG vids yet, but GA have provided us with these pictures:

ETA: Gymbox also provides some good shots of Lauren and Ashleigh here. Wonder what Cheng is whispering to Lauren in the last one...?


Anonymous said...

Form wise the piked full-in was nice. I don't recall her going out on her DLO, but the problem with that was it was always very piked.

At last year's DTB they credited it as a double pike and she lost 0.5 from her SV for haivng 2 double pikes. She still finished 3rd though.

I think she can bring back the Dos Santos eventually if she works on it. Maybe she could open on her double tucked arabian which is really solid. She's done so many varied passes i want to see her do a combo pass of some sort. Maybe a 1.5 twist through to the double arabian or a whip double arabian. She can upgrade her 2.5 front LO to a 2.5 front LO full. She could even punch out of her double arabian with a front tuck.

My dream routine would be a Dos Santos, 1.5 through to dbl arabian, 2.5 twist front full and a piked full-in dismount. I don't see it happening but I think she can definantly add one of the passes I mentioned.

She's going to have to work on beam as well as she won't get credit for having to aerials in her routine. They should really think about some of these new rules. Somone like Izbasa who does a million different front aerial variations is annoying but Lauren does 2 aerials both in unique combos that nobody else is doing. I don't think she should be punished for that. Her front aerial standing front tuck will only get 0.1 combo bonus under the new code, I think. Something about lack of dynamics in front combos. So basically the front aerial BHS LOSO combo still gets the 0.2 combo because it's dynamic. What a crock. I'ld like to see her add an arabian into her routine and maybe dismount with 2 BHS into the Patterson.

It annoys me that Lauren does 3 combos that nobody else is currently doing (the aerial 2 feet back tuck, front aerial front tuck and LOSO whip) plus a very difficylt dismount, yet she can b outscored by cookie cutter routine of front aerial BHS LOSO and aerial side somi.

Any rumours about what he other girls are upgrading?

Mez said...

Hm... you make some intresting points Sir (or Lady) Anon.

For all we know, Lauren could swap the mere run-up to the Dos Santos for a twist, a la Tweddle. It may help her work on keeping it in-bounds, I don't know. I'm amazed she can get the tucked arabian around with no problems, but stick a pike in there and it's like she takes a wholly different approach.

Lauren is capable of doing all the tumbles Izbasa did in her Beijing gold medal floor routine (Dasha could too, ostensibly) so I think she's on the right track. She just has to stick stick stick!

I have feeling she MAY have gone out once on a DLO... I've seen it before, I'm sure... possibly the 07 Australia v Japan? Or one of the days of Nationals that same year? Can't remember.

I have no idea about other upgrades; however, remarks made by P-Liddy during Beijing to Georgia and Shona made me sit up and wonder. If you turn up the volume after Georgia's BB from prelims, you can hear her say, "you coulda got a full-in outta that dismount!" and after Shona's floor in AA you hear something about "going for the triple" or "aiming for the triple" on her double twist (because I'm pretty sure she does a double... she moves a bit fast for me to count!)

The Couch Gymnast said...

I really noticed how quickly Lauren gets her beam wobbles under control. It's quite impressive. I mean, it would be better if she didn't wobble at all, but she's got good recovery.

Anonymous said...

"could she BE any cuter"

why hello chandler from friends.