Monday, November 24, 2008

Community Service Announcement 2


I'm Sigrid Thornton.

And I'm Eric Bana.

For just $2 a day you can support...



Sorry, completely forgot where I was there for a moment.


Remember a while ago how I said I was going to donate blood? Well, after long bouts of flu and having to delay the appointment, I finally managed to go and 'do the deed'.

Did I make it through the whole session without screaming, crying, hyperventilating, fainting or running out the door even before my haemoglobin was checked?

Did. I. Bollocks!

I made it through with no problems at all. Just a quick sting in your arm and you're in for a comfy wait. I even watched the little baggie thing fill up. It's fascinating! Not every medical clinic can offer a cushy recliner, a magazine, good conversation and a front-row seat to your insides in action. The nurses are friendly (especially with needle-phobics like me) and you even get free biscuits at the end. Can't say better than that.

I recommend it to anyone over 18 who is, by and large, healthy and looking after themselves and who wants to do something to help others. Contact your local Red Cross Blood Service and get the ball rolling.

Donating blood? Thorpey reckons it's fully sick.


1. There isn't always a competition that comes along where you can compete for two all-around titles. But where Lauren Mitchell came second in the Massilia Cup senior all-around, the event's "Top Massilia" component (which is open to competitors from both the Open and Senior divisions and in which competitors choose a few of their best events to compete on), Lauren came first, topping Jiang YuYuan! So she got her gold after all! With a third, a slew of seconds and a first, she can proudly say she's got one of every colour in this post-Olympic season.

2. Philippe Rizzo and Prashanth Sellathurai have qualified for the World Cup final next month. What a great way to end the year, I hope they perform successfully.

3. National Club Championships - WA's Jade Martin leads Larissa Miller (Moreton Bay College/QLD) and Chloe Turko (Methodist Ladies College/VIC) in the Senior division, while MBC's Georgia-Rose Brown is tops in juniors, after Day 1 AA results are tabulated.

4. Photos fresh from Marseille...

...What's Brian Dennehy doing there?


Anonymous said...

Lauren's 16th on BB, which doesn't sound all that good but her chances are actually decent of making the final 8. A lot of retired gymnasts, injured gymnasts and gymnasts who can't be bothered going are in front of her. Fingers crossed she gets to go.

nade00 said...

I have been wondering how Dasha is doing - like Lauren on beam, she will probably be in the eventual top 8 on floor and bars. I hope her injury is getting better, even if she is not well enough for WCF.

Of course, it probably won't occur to the FIG that they really should notify the federations of the top 20 gymnasts on each event given injuries and unreadiness, and I'm guessing that by the time they realise those like Lauren are top 8,it will be too late for them to go.

nade00 said...

Oh and I forgot to add how great it is to see Mary Ann Monckton competing AA again. Her 5.2 A-score on floor is quite respectable. Also pleased to see Jade Martin competing, as well as Georgia Simpson. Georgia-Rose Brown seems to be a strong AAer.

In fact, all the MBC girls seem to have high SV. I am impressed with Larissa Miller's 5.9 on UB (it was 6.6 at nats so she is definitely strong here) and her 5.5 on FX is also quite reasonable to build on.

Anonymous said...

Dasha is ranked 16th but she'll make the final seeing as there's 3 Americans(Liukin, Sacramone and Johnson) in front of her and 4 gymnasts that are known to have injuries ( Dos Santos, Ferrari, Pavlova and Tweddle). That brings her to 9th. Moreno has retired and I think Harmes has too. So she's about 7th.

Anonymous said...

A big congratulations to Jade. It's great to see her competing again.