Thursday, November 13, 2008

Foxtel FTW?

According to Foxtel, the DTB Cup in Stuttgart which is taking place on the 14th-16th Nov somewhere where lithe young men in lederhosen are surely doing something unseemly with mountain goats will be broadcast tomorrow at Noon (Victorian time) and Saturday at the same time on Fox Sports 3.

Now, I got excited at first. I thought "ZOMGZ! Foxtel broadcasting an event within hours of it happening and it's NOT rugby or cricket!!??!!??" but then I checked the event's date. With regard to timezones, it doesn't exactly match up.

So it'll either be the 2007 one... or something not even Stuttgart-related. Like a Glasgow repeat. Or the lingering Uniform Putting-On fest that was the Moscow World Cup.

Stay tuned... literally.


The Couch Gymnast said...

thank gawd my mother has foxtel and a recorder!!!! She'll be getting a text in the a.m

Anonymous said...

They showed Glasgow earlier in the week. I was going to mention that it was on but it completely slipped my mind. I only watched 5 minutes of it anyway, probably because it had the worst field ever. We could've sent someone like Amber Fulljames or Mel Jones who aren't the highest level of Aus gymnastics talent and they could've easily have medalled. Wasted oppurtunity for experience and potential confidence boost.

rambaldi123 said...

It was a Glasgow 08 repeat.