Sunday, November 9, 2008

World Cup Roundup

1. Matt Curtis finished 8th on pommel (gaaah, always our bogey apparatus) and Tom Pichler finished 4th on high bar at the Ostrava Cup.

2. Lauren Mitchell and Ashleigh Brennan leave this week for the DTB Cup, then jet off for the Massilia Cup.

Speaking of Massilia, here is a photo from the 2007 event. Hey, Germany's Giulia Hindermann: Our Commonwealth Games AA champ called, she wants her outfit back.

ETA: If you like your male athletes shirtless, your high-bar release crashes big, and your constructive criticism delivered in a Russian accent, then this is the YouTube-based AIS sneak peek for you!


mistysakura said...

Any relation to Marie-Sophie Hindermann?

Mez said...

I assumed as such.

The Couch Gymnast said...

They are sisters

Mez said...

Thanks, Couch.

I couldn't remember if they'd popped up in your "sisters" entry or not!

Anonymous said...

In the AIS footage- who was doing the Stoop-in work about 1min in? Looked like Rizzo??