Saturday, November 22, 2008

Massilia Madness

Australia's senior team finished a commendable 3rd at the Trophee Massilia (French for "Ze big thing wiz all ze peephole who come and watch ze girls do ze zing wiz all ze zhumping... I dern't ner you styoopid persun, I just werk here on Zurzdayz, you ner...") behind China and Russia.

ETA: Congratulations to Lauren Mitchell on winning more silverware! In apparatus finals she came second on beam (15.075) and on bars (14.6), managed a 5th on floor and word is she even placed second in the all-around as well. So good on her for keeping a good thing going. Ashleigh Brennan finished 4th in the beam final. Britt Greeley came 12th on floor.

Emily Little was the top-placed Aussie in the Open division (where our junior team finished 5th), finishing in 14th place all-around.

So, um, some great results and some... pretty average ones .

Seeing as Ostrava, Glasgow and the Arthur Gander Memorial have come and gone on Foxtel, I'm hoping we see Stuttgart (and Massilia!) in the early part of December!

ETA Monday: Videos from the event are starting to emerge here. Thanks, Aurelia!


Anonymous said...

They actually placed 3rd behind China and Russia - Canada did not compete in the Massilia cup, they competed in the open Massilia comp with the VIS team.

Mez said...

Ah yes. Thanks. My mistake. I will fix that immediately. :)

Alexa said...

Do you know the rest of the results? Where can I find them?

Mez said...

I've learned of the results from forums because I'm having trouble getting results off the Massilia site (go to Google and type in "Massilia Gym Cup", it should be the first link to come up).

Alexa said...

Thanks. I found the results and posted them here ->

Anonymous said...

Lauren Mitchell
VT 14.25 UB 14.5 BB 15.6 FX 14.9

Ashleigh Brennan
BB 15.00 FX 14.150

Britt Greeley
VT 13.80 UB 13.20 BB 12.85 FX 13.95

Emily Little
VT 14.20 UB 11.25 BB 13.20 FX 13.70

Zoe Lorenzin
VT 12.65 UB 11.00 BB 11.90 FX 11.90

Svetlana Sanders
VT 12.90 UB 11.10 BB 13.10 FX 12.90

Tierra Exum
VT 13.25 UB 10.90 BB 12.90 FX 12.05

Besides Lauren things are looking pretty dismal. Even Canadian juniors are scoring in the 14s and 15s while our girls turning senior in 1 or 2 years are scoring in the 10s and 11s. Not a good sign.

BTW, does anyone know any Int 6/8/10/Jnr/Snr Nat Clubs results? They all competed today....

nade00 said...

I watched a couple of Emily Little vids from Massilia and I have to say, while she has some solid skills, she really lacks the charisma, form, amplitude and style we have come to see from WAIS. Hopefully she can work on that, because in her floor she looked a bit dazed and disconnected.

It is great to see someone with a decent vault though.

Mez said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the charisma thing. Natually, not everyone can be a Dasha clone and we don't expect them to be; but there's a difference between dancing and just going through various poses with your arms. Understandably she would have been nervous, but it really really showed.

Anonymous said...

I think for the VIS girls this was their first trip OS and were probably suffering nerves and jetlag as i have seen them in training and there were some uncharacteristic mistakes in their routines. i have also seen them with much harder skills so maybe they watered them down at this comp.