Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They Want You As a U Recruit!

Courtesy of GGMB sources comes this scintillating speculation...

Chloe Sims set to sign with the University of Utah's WAG team!!!???

The Red Rocks team already has some of my favourite NCAA competitors on it -Daria Bijak, Nina Kim, Kristina Baskett- so this little tidbit makes me think that if it does happen, the team just got a big boost by six kinds of awesome! Hopefully this would give Chloe a more positive spin on the gymnastics experience, as we know she was unhappy for a quite a while.


Anonymous said...

Le fuck? I had not heard this! Woah. Big news! I'm looking for it now on GGMB but can't find it. Let us know more when you know more Mez!


Anonymous said...

There seems to be all kinds of differing things. originally on her website it said she was doing aerobics in the hopes of getting into NCAA then she competed at the MBC Aurora challenge for level 10 and now this - her name is not on the roster for gymnastics for 2009 but given that their year starts differently to ours maybe she is not going over until next September.