Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Good News and Some Bad News.

Good News!

Qualification results are in from the Ostrava Cup. Matthew Curtis has qualified third for the pommel horse final; Thomas Pichler has qualified 7th to the high bar final. Good work, lads! Keep it up!

Also, at the recent Victorian Women's High Performance Centre awards night, Ashleigh Brennan won VIS Gymnast of the Year, and Marseille-bound Zoe Lorenzin was just one up-and-coming gymnast to win a Most Improved award (thanks special agent Infy).

The VWHPC also posted a photo of the 2010 Development Squad who recently had a training camp in Canberra, and will do the same again very soon as they aim for spots on the Youth Olympic Festival team.

(Massilia team members: Britt Greely back row, far left; Tierra Exum back row, third from right; Zoe Lorenzin front row, third from left; Svetlana Sanders second row, third from left)

Now for the Bad News.

I was contacted by Georgia Bonora's lovely Mum and she passed on the following, quite sad, information that she has allowed me to pass on to all of you:

Georgia had surgery this week to both ankles. She has been struggling with ankle spurs for a long time. They were just getting worse, so we thought now was a good time to get them both done. She'll be out of action for at least 12 weeks. She's looking forward to being able to land without it killing.

Poor thing! I know 12 weeks can be long and frustrating when you're laid up and not doing what you enjoy. I had just two week off after sinus surgery years ago and a mere four days in I was whining for entertainment that wasn't daytime television or hourly rounds of "I Spy With My Little Eye" where everything started with "c" and more often than not was "ceiling".

From myself and everyone who reads this little space - GET WELL SOON, G-BO!


Anonymous said...

She could use this as a reason to retire, but obviously she's still very motivated and the desire to continue doing gym is there. I hope she enjoys her time away from the gym, a 3 month summer break might be just he ting to propel her forward next year.

Anonymous said...

Hope you recover quickly, Georgia


Anonymous said...

Unfortunate about Georgia, but on the bright side it sounds like it may improve her longevity in the sport or at the very least her quality of movement in that joint for the rest of her life. I'm glad she won't have to miss any major meets.

If Georgia and Shona continue in the sport they have the potential to score huge on beam, given their stability, if they can just up their a-scores a little. I think they could even make EF at major meets like worlds with a few more skills or connections. We all saw how close Shona was at the olympics being first reserve....

Sillybilly said...

I agree! It seems she still has the desire to continue which is awesome! This is our 1st Olympics in awhile where it looks like no one has retired (minus Olivia's overseas travels but she's still doing gym so I don't count that)straight after so that's awesome!

Sydney we lost the likes of Brooke, Trudy etc. Athens was Alana, Steph & Mel.

Hope she enjoys her time off & feels fresh, pain free & ready to take on the world! Rest up Georgia!

circus said...

for those, like me who didn't know what an ankle spur was...

"Bone spurs can also be caused by an injury to a ankle joint. In the process of trying to heal the injury to the bone cause by the trauma to the ankle joint the body sometimes over compensates and in the process causes calcium build up which forms into a bone spur."

Anonymous said...

Can anybody read what is written on the girl's T-Shirts?

Mez said...

Thank you, Circus, for the info. All I can say is, "Owwwch!"

With regards to the t-shirts, I have no idea. Even with the larger picture that appears on the VWHPC site, you (or at least 'I') can't tell. Looks a bit like a 'Caution' sign though!

"Caution: these kids are aiming for 2012 so look out!"

Anonymous said...

the shirts say "under construction" 2010 development squad and there is a big 2010 on the back of the shirt