Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Assignments Due

Welly welly well, now it is officially confirmed on the rosters.

Our France-bound Massilia Cup teams are:

Lauren Mitchell (WA)
Ashleigh Brennan (VIC)
Emily Little (WA)

Britt Greely (VIC)
Tain Molendijk (WA)

AIS/VIS team (open division, possibly???)
Zoe Lorenzin
Svetlana Sanders
Tierra Exum

All the best, ladies! I believe Ash and Lauren have been to this competition in the past so I hope they have some success in this post-Olympic period.

Bonne chance, mes petites!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mez. Where are the rosters listed - last i heard Tain was injured and no longer going and i thought Emily was still going to compete Junior in 09

Anonymous said...

i though tain was still injured? hmmmmm.....

Mez said...

The list is from GGMB via a poster at another forum. I tried to find the Massilia website yesterday but couldn't.

I know nothing (as of this exact moment) about the state of the gymnasts rostered.