Saturday, November 22, 2008

Orange and Black... and Blue

Injury Update *frowny face*

Our busy little Aussie Beaver, Olivia Vivian, is recovering from injury - a stress fracture to be precise - and won't be debuting in OSU's "Orange and Black" intrasquad meet. Nothing career-threatening. Just one of those frustrating things keeping her out of action for the moment. I can tell she's raring to get out there and strut her stuff!

(ETA: Miss V has dropped me a line to also say that she's also having surgery on a Beijing-induced torn shoulder after the competition season. She can't catch a break, can she?)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and Liv are pretty good pals Mez! :)


Mez said...

Her people correspond with my people. We discuss. We synchronise. We synergise. We move forward. We brainstorm. We do lunch. We maximise.

Y'know... business. :P