Monday, September 27, 2010

Delhi 2010: And They're Off

The Age newspaper included Ashleigh Brennan in their discussions of event security. Ash, like the rest of the team, is travelling to the Games with an open mind. There is also a nice mention of Australia's previous women's team win.

''Four years ago, the Commonwealth Games was the best time of my life,'' she said. ''I got to stand up on the podium with my best friends, and I shared the experience with them all. We have the chance to do that again, it's an amazing thing to be a part of."

There is also a brief competition preview here.

Our men's team was among the first of the athlete cohorts to arrive in Delhi today.

Edit 10:40pm: Channel 10 News just name-dropped Wheeler and Little (as "the youngest athletes at the Games")... I kinda thought they were going to throw straight to an interview but they didn't. It was just another "athletes are arriving despite venues not being completely finished or clean yet" piece.

Edit 7:40am Tuesday: Huh. This article might explain it.

With officials aiming to tighten security as Sunday's opening ceremony approaches, Australia's gymnastics team was strangely denied a chance to speak to the press after touching down at Delhi's Indira Gandhi airport late on Monday.

Despite having waited almost three hours for a delayed flight to speak to gold medal hope Lauren Mitchell, Australian media people were told by police shortly before the arrival they would not be able to ask any questions.

It came despite reporters having arranged the interview and having earlier spoken to members of Australia's bowls team at the same location on Monday morning.

"You will not speak to them, you will never speak to them," one inspector told bemused reporters.

Despite the protests of Australian officials, the gymnasts were ordered straight to their waiting bus and were allowed only to wave and smile at the cameras.

If you keep your eyes on Sky News, you will glimpse Lauren, Ash, Georgia W and Tom in a very quick CommGames update, wheeling their suitcases past media and, indeed, just smiling and waving as they do so. All are in dark green Adidas shirts with gold stripes on the sleeve.

You should also see the issue get mentioned on Sunrise (with longer rolling footage letting us see Josh and Georgia B heading for the bus as well).

Oooh! Fox Sports News has tantalising footage of a PR woman arguing with the security team, gesticulating furiously with biro in hand. Gotta love someone who goes into bat for gymnasts.


Anonymous said...

In other gym news - GA have finally put up their squad lists.

Anonymous said...

It was strange but Delhi has copped so much about security and I guess they are trying to ensure that all athletes are secure. I know the journalists would be to the gymnasts but I suppose you never know who else is in the airport.

Yay for the squad lists being up.

Anonymous said...

14 new seniors next year is pretty exciting! Only 2 of the juniors are 15 next year. Will there be many new juniors next year?

Anonymous said...

Ebonie Boucher, Grace Claringbold, Isis Lowery and Stella Vaviddou should be Juniors next year.Not 100% sure if some others might be - i think some of them like Alex Eade, Georgia Godwin can do IDP10 again but will have to wait and see. Is Monica Sloan still going - she would be Junior next year wouldn't she? Is Brigette Beattie and Karina Brooks still going?

Anonymous said...

That media person was Michelle Cook from the ACGA Media Team - what a legend! Doing her bit to make sure that the team gets there fair of attention. Gotta love that. Lets hope she has plenty of ink in that biro......

Anonymous said...

Monica is a senior next year. We are gonna need 8 juniors for 2011 AYOF so it's good we'll be seeing the new generation.

Anonymous said...

Monica has quit

Anonymous said...

Is 2011 AYOF still going ahead - i haven't seen anything about it and it is just abot October.

Anonymous said...

I assume the AYOF team will not be announced until after national clubs. Thats the next time a lot of the girls compete.

Anonymous said...

yes but there is no mention of it on the AOC website - it was in the funding but i can't see any mention of dates or advertising.