Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Delhi 2010: Pre-Event Media Nuggets

Halloooooo from sunshiney Sydney!

Just a couple of pieces of pre-Commonwealths media to sate your appetites.

Here is a Sydney Morning Herald piece on Australia's October double whammy of Commonwealths and Worlds.

Here is a piece featuring Lauren Mitchell's take on the event's security.

Naazmi Johnston gets a mention here.

Have a great rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

What a sham and shame that it appears Dehli is in no state to host the games. With reports coming through of disgraceful conditions at the athletes village, venues and infrastructure collapsing, warnings from DFAT and outbreaks of Denghi fever, it must be a very hard and tough decision for athletes as to if they should go or not.

Anonymous said...

I am all for sharing the games around as many nations as possible but you've got to wonder why a nation like India was ever awarded the Games in the first place. I just hope the Games go ahead and that there are no security incidents.

Anonymous said...

I see Sri Lanka is bidding for 2018against the Gold Coast. Given the current situation with India I hope common sense prevails and the Gold Coast gets the games esp as my daughter will be age eligible for these games!

Nik said...

You can't control Dengue Fever- its caused by mosquitos and rain- the athletes will have plenty of protection from tha, with repellants, mosquito nets and drugs.

As for the buildings, yes they should be done already but the same thing happened with Athens and Beijing Olympics and it will happen again!

Anonymous said...

Yes but Athens and Beijing were not having problems like this two weeks out from the games. Beijing had amazing facilities and there was never any doubt that they would be completed in time. India is not the first developing country to hold a CWG. I hope they get it together, i really do, the athletes village still has rubble in the doorways, shower doors on backwards and toilets that don.t work and I think the competitors deserve better than that. .

Anonymous said...

According to the latest news reports if the situation doesn't improve in the next couple of days the games could be in real jeopardy. Even the CWG Federation has a lot to answer for, maybe they should have thought more carefully about giving the games to India and certainly should have followed their progress more closely.
From what I read South Africa is considering pulling out and they may not be the only ones.

Anonymous said...

I heard Englan and Scotland will give it 48 hrs to get updated info and then make a decision as to whether they will attend.
If many more nations go down this path, it won't be worth the rest compromising their safety since there will be no one to compete against - hollow victory for anyone who bothers.

Anonymous said...

The latest reports have things improving in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

There are some nice goup photos up on the HPC site