Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shaken and Stirred

Very best wishes to all our gymnastics friends and families down in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hope all are managing to cope in the less-than-ideal circumstances.

Thoughts in particular go out to Holly Moon, whose Commonwealth Games progress was updated thusly at Facebook:

"Holly's preparation for Delhi has been affected, it is difficult to get sleep with tremors coming through frequently. CSG [Christchurch School of Gymnastics] is also closed at least for another 24 hours"

With more information from the Gymnastics Coaching Blog here.

Speaking of issues, click through to read a new article about the recent WAG Commonwealth Games team lineup change. Includes statements from Peggy Liddick.

Liddick was adamant Monckton's future remained bright despite the prospect of another six-month lay-off. "She certainly won't give up - a lot of people would walk away," said the long-time national coach.

"She was actually consoling me when she called to tell me. She's a very brave girl."


Anonymous said...

Awww you're an absolute champ little Mez, and don't let anyone tell you different!


Anonymous said...

Mez rocks, this is only a small hurdle to jump....she WILL come back even stronger for Worlds in 2011

Go Mezzie!!!!!!

sam said...

Sports Minister M S Gill made announcement that Sports Ministry doubled the cash award for medal winners at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. A gold medallist will now get Rs 20 lakh while silver medallists will be awarded Rs.10 lakh. The bronze medal winners will take home Rs 6 lakh.Check out latest updates of Commonwealth Games 2010

Anonymous said...

Is this just for Indian medallists or everyone? I must admit I am somewhat confused by the post. I didn't prize money was given for Commonwealth Games medal winners unless a country decides to give its medallists prize money.

Good on Mary-Anne for having such a great attitude, I hope you come back in 2011 and really show people what you are capable of.