Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delhi 2010: 3 Days to Go! More Media

National champ Georgia Bonora is front and centre on the cover of today's Green Guide supplement in The Age. She is listed inside as "one to watch", as is Josh Jefferis.

Lauren Mitchell features in this article, reaffirming her opinion on the event's security.

"We have had the police escorts behind the buses everywhere but I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel comfortable."
You tell 'em, Loz.

Her Worlds teammate Georgia Simpson was also featured in an article. Thanks to Christine for the scan (click for zoomed size).

Many thanks to Brindabella in WA for scanning the following The West Australian article on AGB'S OFFICIAL BEST FRIEND Liz Chetkovich (Click for zoomed size).

"I put gymnastics ahead of pretty much everything else; if you want to be successful you can't count your working week and clock off after 37.5 hours. You live the position rather than work the position and if you're lucky enough to have your job as your passion, you don't ever see it as a sacrifice."

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the media bandwagon rolls on!

On a sidenote - you can spot Shona Morgan towards the end of this video, training with the Stanford team:

Update 5:45pm Channel Ten News just showed the MAGs and WAGs in training! All looked good (glimpsed Ash on beam, Sam O on p-bars, Josh on vault) and there was a brief brief BRIEF grab from Vladimir Vatkin. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it piece, the gym arena is red and white (Gymnova floor mat?). Steve Monaghetti earlier today described it as "huge... about the same size as Rod Laver Arena". The excitement builds!


Anonymous said...

There is an article in yesterday's west australian about Georgia Simpson. It hasn't showed up online yet as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Has a program for the gym events been published yet? And/or a TV guide? Can't find one anywhere!

Anonymous said...

if anyone could scan the simpson article I would be forever grateful!

Anonymous said...

there is a pic on the CWG website and the arena looks pretty shitty: THERE ISN'T EVEN A PODIUM!

Anonymous said...

for real? that sucks because cwg has always had a podium. i'm sure the girls will be disappointed too.

Anonymous said...

Have scanned the article from the West Australian to the blog email address about Georgia Simpson.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this is the pic but surely that can't be the final setup? Don't they usually have a bit of decoration with the games logo, or at least a floor covering in a matching colour? It looks kind of ramshackle to me, so I hope that's not it. It doesn't really look fitting for a major event.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6.35 my foxtel magazine came with a little pamphlet that had all the times. Women's team final is at 9.55 Tuesday night. AA final is 9.55 Wednesday night. VT and UB finals are 10.25 Thursday night and BB and FX finals are 10.25 Friday night. They're all on the Dehli 1 channel on Foxtel. I'm not sure what times they'll be on ONE, I assume it will be shown live so the times should be the same.

Anonymous said...

Foxtel's website lists all the gymnastics events, times etc as well.

Anonymous said...

You would have to nearly think that there will be at least logos on the arena. I do hope there will be a podium though because it is supposed to be a major event.

Anon 6:35 as far as a TV guide for the gym events goes all I know that the men's team final will be on channel 10, Monday 11pm to 1am, the women's team final will be on channel 10,11pm to 1am on Tuesday and both all around finals 11pm to 1am on Wednesday. They will not be live because on free to air as they clash with swimming. If you have the Foxtel/Austar Delhi package then gymnasts will be live on that.
GA has the times in Delhi and the time that will be in AEDST for the gymnastics competition.

The Couch Gymnast said...

awesome awesome awesome Chetkovich profile! Love her!

nade00 said...

there is a podium, they just showed it on sports tonight

Mez said...

Thanks for the clarification, Nade. My brain couldn't remember processing if it saw a podium or not!

Anonymous said...

The gymnastics is being held in an existing venue -- I think just the training hall was added for the Games.

Nik said...

Triple j mentioned a 'male gymnast' in their 8.30am news... stated that he was being 'left in limbo' due to withdrawl of federal funding for all scholarship places at the AIS. Good to get the issue out there!

Anonymous said...

darnit! i wish that i wasn't doing stuff when all the news articles and stuff are rolling in.

Anonymous said...

Delhi 2010 Competition Schedule

Monday, 4 October
Men’s artistic team competition
D - 16:30, AEDST - 20:00

Tuesday, 5 October
Women’s artistic team competition
D - 16:30, AEDST - 20:00

Wednesday, 6 October
Men’s artistic all-around final
D - 13:30, AEDST - 17:00

Women’s artistic all-around final
D - 17:00, AEDST -20:30

Thursday, 7 October
Apparatus finals
Floor, pommel horse, rings – men
Vault, uneven bars - women
D - 17:00, AEDST - 20:30

Friday, 8 October Apparatus finals
Vault, parallel bars, horizontal - men
Beam, floor - women
D - 17:00, AEDST - 20:30

Tuesday, 12 October
Rhythmic team competition
D - 18:00, AEDST - 21:30

Wednesday, 13 October
Rhythmic all-around final
D - 17:00, AEDST - 20:30

Thursday, 14 October
Rhythmic apparatus finals – rope, hoop, ball, ribbon
D - 11:00, AEDST - 14:30

Anonymous said...

SO proud of Georgia. You are awesome and I hope you show everyone how amazing you are at worlds!!!

Anonymous said...

My grateful thanks to Anon @ 6.11 for the schedule!!!! It will make taping so much easier.

May I ask where yo found the info? Do they have the diving schedule there as well, by any chance?


Anonymous said...

The gymnastics schedule in on GA website i assumed thats where anon 6:11 got it. There was a link to the website in an earlier post.

Anonymous said...

Aologies for the rubbish wonky scan of the Liz C article