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2010 Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards

It turns out there are two certainties in life.

Taxes, more taxes, and the AGB Awards.

Wait... *counts on fingers*...

Here are the rules, as per usual:

**** You may nominate one favourite in each category, and email your nominations to by January 24th 2011 with "Awards 2010" as your subject header. You may vote anonymously but please only vote for ONE nominee in each category (choosing only from the names in that category, no open-ended "other" responses will be accepted) and only vote once. Your details will not be passed on to any correspondents or used for advertising purposes. It's just easier than commenting, really.

Results will be tabulated throughout this month and posted by the the 26th of January - That's right, on Australia Day! Get your votes in and show your gym community some love! ****


1. Female Gymnast of the Year (Senior)

* Georgia Bonora
* Ashleigh Brennan
* Sophie Budack
* Britt Greeley
* Natasha Hammann
* Emily Little
* Larrissa Miller
* Lauren Mitchell
* Maryanne Monckton
* Georgia Simpson
* Georgia Wheeler

Female Gymnast of the Year (Junior)

* Georgia-Rose Brown
* Nikki Chung
* Emma Collister
* Angela Donald
* Tierra Exum
* Laura Hingston
* Natalia Joura
* Amaya King-Koi
* Ashleigh Kittl
* Zoe Lorenzin
* Amelia McGrath
* Emma Nedov
* Svetlana Sanders
* Katie Wurth

2. Male Gymnast of the Year (Senior)

* Elliott Cook
* Josh Jefferis
* Sam Offord
* Sean O'Hara
* Thomas Pichler
* Prashanth Sellathurai
* Aaron Thanas
* Luke Wadsworth
* Luke Wiwatowski

Male Gymnast of the Year (Junior)

* Tyson Bull
* Brody-Jai Hennessy
* Kevin James
* Jack Rickards
* Declan Stacey

3. Australian Artistic Gymnastics Team of the Year

* MAG Commonwealth Games
* WAG Commonwealth Games
* MAG World Championships
* WAG World Championships
* WAG Pacific Rim
* MAG Pacific Rim
* WAG France tour
* MAG Russia tour

4. Coach/Coaching Team of the Year

* Nikolai Lapchine/Martine George (WAIS)
* John Hart/Shaoyi Jiang (WGC)
* Michelle De Highden/Jeb Silsbury (MLC)
* Sasha Belooussov/Olga Beloousov (MBC)
* Tracey Penaluna/Mischa Barabach (VWHPC)
* Vladimir Vatkin (AIS)
* Sergei Chinkar (QLD)
* Xiong Song-Liang (NSWIS)

5. Routine of the Year

**** Routine of the Year Nominees will be posted in an individual post in the coming days. There are quite a few! You will need to include your vote for 'Routine of the Year' within your AGB Awards email****

6. "Smile" Moment of the Year

* Aussie men win history-making gold in Delhi
* Prashanth Sellathurai gives Commonwealth gold to his mum
* Team Australia signs autographs at Pacific Rim Championships
* Georgia Bonora does handstands on the catwalk
* Olivia Vivian comes home for nationals
* AGB meets Liz Chetkovich
* Lauren Mitchell appears on Hey Hey It's Saturday

7. "Sad" Moment of the Year

* Dasha Joura retires
* Emma Dennis retires
* Maryanne Monckton misses Commonwealth Games
* Aussie boys crash out at Worlds
* Phil Rizzo misses Pacific Rim, Commonwealth Games, Worlds
* Sports Acro withdrawn from Pacific Rim

8. Surprise of the Year

* Shona Morgan signs to Stanford
* Dasha Joura retires
* Chloe Sims makes a comeback
* No dramas at the Commonwealth Games
* A new CEO for Gymnastics Australia

9. Simon Reeve Award for Gymnastics Media Coverage

* Foxtel, for Commonwealth Games broadcast
* OneHD, for Pacific Rim broadcast
* Laura and Simone, for Pacific Rim Facebook updates
* Desiree Jones, for WAIS and AIS camp udpates
* Megan Currie, for JumpMedia gymnastics coverage
* "Make It Or Break It", for gymnastics-meets-Gossip-Girl

10. Brittany Boffo Award for Memorable (If Unfortunate) Mishaps

* Tom Pichler, crashing out of the Delhi vault final
* Brody-Jai Hennessy, missing golden opportunities in the Singapore high bar final
* Australia's beam lineup in the Delhi women's team final
* Ashleigh Brennan, repeating her Melbourne 2006 floor final mistake in Delhi

11. Gymsport Athlete/s of the Year

* Kieran Gorman, Aerobics
* Naazmi Johnston, Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Dani Prince, Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Ty and Shaun Swadling, Trampoline
* Jack Penny, Trampoline
* Katherine Ryan, Acrobatics

12. Monique Allen Award for Successful Ex-Gymsporters

* Lydia Lassila, aerial skiing gold medallist
* Allana Slater, judge
* Steph Moorhouse, commentator and presenter
* Alex Croak, diver
* Brennon Dowrick, International Corporate Speaker

13. Photo of the Year

a) Nikolai and Lauren

b) Nikki, Georgia and Nat

c) Ashleigh

d) Josh and Sam

e) Georgia Rose

f) Lauren the Champion

g) Milly

h) Georgia Simpson

i) Nikolai and Lauren 2

j) Sam the Champion

k) Aussie MAGs

l) Prashanth

m) Tom the Champion


I am extremely sorry about the delay with posting this!

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