Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Ever Happened To...?

Former Queensland pocket rocket Amber Fulljames has sent AGB a nice nugget of correspondence to update everybody on her transition to performing with Cirque.

I began my journey to Montreal on July 10 for general formation, or what you would normally call "training or preparation" (but you know them French Canadians)! The training involved acting, dancing, singing, drumming and of course, the act I was training - teeter board - and fast track for 'Mystere'. Formation was such an experience, it threw me into situations I had never imagined, like pretending to be a rubix cube, doing a play in warp speed, pretending to be an elastic and making noises to my movement... and much more interesting stuff.

I left my family at home but gained a new one almost immediately, making friends from atleast 15 different countries. Formation was meant to finish in early November, however I was pulled out in late September and flown to Las Vegas to become an artist in Mystere. Lucky for me a spot opened up and they chose me to fill it. Mystere is about the mystery of life, and so it makes complete sense that my characters name is 'Spermatine'... indeed, I am a sperm! I did that for about the first 2 weeks, I thought it was hilarious but fantastic at the same time. I have also learned Chinese poles and taiko drums.

Since being here I have made another family and become especially close with the girls in my dressing room. Everyone is much older then me so I am the 'baby' of the Mystere family. The boys in the dressing room next to us must think we are crazy because not a day goes by when I don't walk out of that room laughing my head off because of something someone did or said, or more commonly (as I have learned) something I did or said.

I perform 2 shows a night and am loving the performance side of things! The teeter board team is mainly Russians, so for newbies it can be hard to integrate... but obviously not for Aussies. I joke around with them a lot and they are a great bunch!

I got to meet Tabitha and Napoleon from "So You Think You Can Dance". I also got free tickets to the Whoopi [Goldberg] show and Alicia Keys made a visit to the Montreal studios. I'm loving every second and I hope to make a visit home soon!

Thanks for the update, Amber! We're so glad to hear you're enjoying yourself on and off the stage - rock on!


Don't forget to keep your votes for the Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards coming in. The 'routine of the year' post is almost done!


Anonymous said...

she would have been introduced to Las Vegas by another Aussie- Lisa Jones who was an Australian rep at Acrobatic Gymnastics worlds. She's the athlete liaison over there (among other roles I believe). So amazing Amber has had this opportunity so early in life and great to see another Aussie 'making it' in the states. Pity she's not 21 and able to fully enjoy Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Mez why are you deleting the comments
and disabling the chat?

Anonymous said...

I know, I feel like I'm back behind the iron curtain.

Frankly if you expect people to go to the trouble of voting in your awards by email it is only fair to allow them to comment on the nominations.

Acting as if your choices are the be all and end all and not permitting them to be critiqued, lauded or discussed in general is narrow-minded to say the least.

For example, I would have loved to have been able to give a shout out to Amelia McGrath in floor routine of the year given her medal winning routine at Pacific Rim.

One of the main reasons I read this blog is because of the active commenting and knowing that there are others interested in the same things. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why the sudden deleting this time around - the comments were purely about people talking about who they thought might make the worlds team! Maybe when people start the thread heading in a different direction you could post something for them to continue the discussion. Oh well, this comment will be deleted - i am on my way to wwgym and like many others i know, won't be reading this blog again.