Saturday, January 8, 2011

NCAA Interlude

The "Routine of the Year" nomination post isn't quite ready yet (there was residue on my cake tester) so in the interim, check out how Shona Morgan's looking over at Stanford as the team prepares to take on rivals this weekend (including Aussie haven Oregon State!)

Edit - Apparently Shona's been training while coping with a knee injury, so while we will most likely not see her at this competition, we can expect to see her competing beam very soon. Best of luck, Shon!


Anonymous said...

Go Shona! I think shes awesome. Would love to see her come back and give London a crack especially after all the competition experience she ll get this year.

Anonymous said...

Shona looks SHARP! And also like she is having an absolute ball. Can't wait to see her in action!

Anonymous said...

Stanford won the Pac 10 preview. No Shona in action (sprain), but I know she would have been cheering on her teammates!