Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AGB Awards: 2010 Routine of the Year

Please nominate one routine from the MAG list and one routine from the WAG list.

Email your two favourites to ozgymblog@gmail.com, with any comments you would like to make about the routines (anonymously if you wish), as I will publish them to illustrate why they were deemed the most popular.

Don't forget voting is still open for the rest of the Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards (voting period has been extended). So get your votes in!

Note - Nominees are from Junior and Senior International only. You might note that some of the nominated routines are ones with mistakes or stumbles in them. This because the list was compiled not necessarily on the basis of performances being 'flawless' but rather that they are good examples of technique, composition, daring skill, perseverance and/or personality. And remember - your favourite routine may not be here because 12 months of gymnastics is a lot to go through and often tricky to get video footage of (and, bear in mind, MAG is absolutely not my strong point)!

Floor (MAG):
Tom Pichler, Commonwealth Games EF (6:24 of the video)
Josh Jefferis, Commonwealth Games TF (3:31 of the video)
Sean O'Hara, Nationals

Jack Rickards, Pacific Rim EF
Prashanth Sellathurai, World Championships EF
Luke Wiwatowski, Valeri Liukin Invitational

Sam Offord, Pacific Rim EF
Brody Hennessy, Pacific Rim EF
Josh Jefferis, World Championships prelims

Vault (MAG):
Tom Pichler, Nationals
Luke Wiwatowski, Nationals
Josh Jefferis, Commonwealth Games TF (1:10 of the video)

Parallel Bars:
Josh Jefferis, Commonwealth Games TF (3:15 of the video)
Luke Wiwatowski, Valeri Liukin Invitational
Sean O'Hara, Valeru Liukin Invitational

High Bar:
Luke Wiwatowski, Moscow World Cup EF
Brody Hennessy, Youth Olympics Prelims
Jayden Bull, Nationals

Vault (WAG)

Emily Little, Paris World Cup
Lauren Mitchell, World Championships AA
Georgia Wheeler, Pacific Rim EF

Uneven Bars:
Larrissa Miller, Pacific Rim TF
Georgia Rose Brown, Combs La Ville
Emily Little, Pacific Rim TF

Lauren Mitchell, Commonwealth Games AA
Angela Donald, Youth Olympics EF
Amelia McGrath, Pacific Rim EF

Floor (WAG):
Lauren Mitchell, World Championships EF
Svetlana Sanders, Nationals
Georgia Bonora, Commonwealth Games AA

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