Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Not-Too-Distant Future

A quick heads-up on some upcoming events as April winds down and May fires up.

For those of you morningly inclined, watch out for an appearance by Epping YMCA gym club on Saturday Disney this Saturday morning, from 9:00 on the 7 network. Remember James, Janine and Sophie? Remember Duck Tales? Those were the days...

If you're wanting to watch some live gymnastics action, the VWHPC is hosting more blue ribbon trial competitions in the lead-up to the 2011 national championships. The Victorian State Team trial dates are up at their site. I'll endeavour to bring you live coverage at Twitter.

If you have some news on upcoming events in your state that you would like promoted, know of a gymnast doing a media appearance or just want to drop me a line regarding media nuggets you have uncovered, feel free to do so at ozgymblog@gmail.com

All correspondence answered personally by me. Or my trained sloth Esteban.

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Anonymous said...

The VWHPC does a great job at keeping everyone up to date with what is happening with their athletes state, national and international. I also like how they acknowlege other athletes from other programs where possible. Well done VWHPC