Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nationals 2011: Go West

This is a short media round-up for the women's national championships; if you see anything on the men's or rhythmics PLEASE let me know!

GA results page for competition rounds out of Perth so far is here. There are some great updates coming via Facebook throughout the day. I hear Queensland have been fighting off all comers in just about every national levels division!

There is a West Australian article on the home soil seniors here, and I am told by a number of fans who watched that the Today Tonight feature on WAIS was fantastic, above and beyond what we've seen from current affairs pieces of the past focusing on our sport. Of particular note? Lauren Mitchell training a Patterson dismount off beam!

Speaking of Lauren, here is a new article from PerthNow with a lovely smiley pic of Lauren as she prepares to take on the best in the country.

ETA: A factsheet (transcript?) from the second night of the Today Tonight feature can be found here!


Anonymous said...

Try this site. It is on the event schedule 2011 national Mens Gymnastics

Anonymous said...

WOO! I always thought Lauren should do that dismount see she has a lovely double arabian on floor.
It would be awesome if she could have her own skill!
Super excited to see her vault this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Rhythmic results so far:

National Level 7 Team -

AA National Level 7:
Gold : Kathy Vikulov QLD
Silver: Anna Karaganov SA
Bronze: Erin Marshall QLD

National Level 9 Team-
Gold: NSW
Silver: WA
Bronze: SA

National Level 9 AA:
Gold: Ashleigh Roper QLD
Silver: Jaime Moss VIC
Bronze: Emma Long NSW

Intl 7 Team:
Gold: NSW
Silver: WA
Bronze: VIC

Intl 7 AA:
Gold: Kylie Ly NSW
Silver: Jade Kounis WA
Bronze: Tula Vuong NSW

Sub Jnr Group:
Gold: NSW
Silver: QLD
Bronze: NSW

Jnr Group:
Gold: NSW
Silver: QLD
Bronze: WA

as of 3pm QLD time 14/7

Anonymous said...

Lauren, please grow your fringe and make it a side fringe or grow it out completely. You are a young woman, not a little girl!!

Anonymous said...

According to the wag national championships Lauren
Competed a dry, low chest on landinh

Anonymous said...

Any Comp updates from Perth??

Anonymous said...

Go to the gymnastics Australia ga book page and there is a link to a competition page. Quick hits

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this blog is totally dead...

Anonymous said...

Plenty of people over 20 have front fringes, just because you dont like it
She doesnt wear it out in comps anyway