Friday, July 15, 2011

Nationals 2011: WAG AA

No quick hits showed up in my Facebook feed tonight. But results are in:

Lauren Mitchell 1
Georgia-Rose Brown 2
Maryanne Monckton 3

Chloe Sims 4

(interesting to note 2 of the 3 medallists are new Victorians)

Georgia Godwin maintained her #1 ranking from day 1 in juniors, followed by Alex Eade and Emma Nedov.


Although results are in, I'm amending this post to include some of the observations from Angeandbella who was at the event (texting updates AND and recording vids simultaneously!) I have published them pretty much verbatim so feel free to ask if you don't understand an abbreviation.

Day 1-

Bit of a splatfest. Only saw half the comp because I was videoing.

Lauren okay, similar to recent comps, stacked d-pike. Def put lots of passion into her new floor, maybe a bit overdanced?

Britt 1.5 yurch, okay beam w d-turn, pretty good floor w d-arabian.

MAM more expressive on FX, bouncy out of triple. Fell on aerial CW-LOSO on beam, caught releases. Ash looked okay... bit wobbly on beam, fell on FX.

Chloe nailed d-front dismount on beam in w/u, low in comp, same FX tumbles, a bit wild, to face with d-pike.

Larrissa messed up on bars in comp, but hit w/u. GRB looked okay, just d.twist off beam.

Day 2 -

Larrissa is doing d-arabian again.

MAM just did a perfect w/u on beam, down to stuck d-pike.

Britt stuck a really dynamic Y 1.5.

MAM fell on aerial series on beam, but otherwise solid.

Lauren UB much better tonight.

GRB large wobble on Y-turn and slow connections on beam.

Larrissa good d-arabian (1 step out), but 1 hand down on front LO-front double twist and final 2.5.

Britt fall double turn and FF-LOSO.

Chloe large step punch double tuck front, deep squat d-arabian, fell out of turn, fell back OOB on d-pike.

BB Ash fall side aerial.

GRB v.high on d-pike, pretty clean FX.

Loz okay beam, usual wobbles.

Ash bit low FTDB (I assume this means the tucked full-in?), short on turn, perfect d-pike to sissone.

Mez bouncy on triple twist, made 2.5 punch front-stag, good dance, turns and leaps, high d-tuck and pike.

Chloe hit bars, inbar, inbar 1/2, inbar endo (hit feet going through), v.high jaeger. Bail to HS, stalder shoot to high. Stalder full to FTDB w large step.

Loz fall d-arabian, only slightly short though. Piked full-in to sissone. 2.5 punch front tuck changement. Bit short d-pike. Routine is growing on me slightly!

Jaz Cassis and Godwin both hit FF-FF to 2-2 foot LO. Jaz fell on LOSO, only LO d-mount tonight, but nice. Godwin double wolf. Fall aerial CW. stumble forward d.tuck.

Larrissa inbar full to gienger, bail to HS stalder shoot to high. Inbar 1/2 not over and fell. Repeated and connected to jaeger. Stalder full, FTDB stuck.

Alex had 2 goes at beam mount, nice combo d-mount 2 FF to d-pike.

Loz good vault, one step forward.

Ash simple bars, stalder, Tkatchev. Bail to HS. D-tuck.

Godwin front full rudi to open.

Mez toe-on full to piked Shush, nice! Clear hip, Tkatchev. Toe on, Pak with flex feet. DLO, almost stuck.

GRB short cast, toe on, toe on full, gienger. Jaeger. Bail HS (little short), stalder shoot. Toe half to d-front, small hop.

Larrissa no acro series on beam, missed all connections hand down on 2.5 d-mount.

Chloe weird hitch in mount, made front aerial side somi, fall on FF back tuck. Front somi. Y-turn. Change split, tour jete, wolf. Long pause bf d.mount, coyboy d-front, 1 step back, went overtime.

What I love about gymnastics personally is that a layperson would look at this and go "huh?" but I understood every word! :)

Good luck to the senior and junior men who kick off tonight in Canberra.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from nationals and have a few little comments for everyone.

First of all, it was a shame to see Lauren win by such a huge amount. There really was daylight between her and her competitors. I just wish we had a few more world class gymnasts to push her further. It must be awfully lonely at the top. Such a shame to see Emily Little, Nicki Chung and Georgia Simpson all injured in the audience as I would have loved to see them all compete.

On a positive note I loved Lauren's floor routine. I wasn't that keen when I saw it online but it's way better live. Just a shame that she fell on her opening tumble pass as the rest of the routine was excellent.

Besides watching Lauren, the highlight of my night was watching Chloe compete again. She has this vibrancy and maturity that makes her the coolest gymnast on the competition floor. Loved her hair-do too lol :) I so hope she makes a national team in the future coz I think Australia needs her.

If anyone has any specific questions, I'll try and answer them for you.

Anonymous said...

Strange that no quick hits showed up on your fb. There are quick hits on the 2011 National Championships - Womens Gymnastics event page.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to go back and like it again - it dissapeared from mine too some time today. The page was down, as it says on the GA FB main page.

Anonymous said...

Laurens scores were overly high! Slightly exagerated.Not syaing she did'nt do well but they were very high.Chloe still a bit inconsistant.I was shocked to see MAM place 3rd. Did'nt think her execution was at the best.Happy to see GRB up there for a change. Over all, still along way to be where they need to be for Worlds but plenty of time for them to peak.

Anonymous said...

As usual gymnastics continues to be political. Although Lauren was standing at the right place on the podium, I agree that the winning margin was greater than it should have been. As for Chloe, it was such a shame she stuffed her floor because she is definately the most exciting gymnast I have seen from Australia. I really hope we see a lot more from her.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the IDP10's and juniors went?

Anonymous said...

Junior top three were the same as day 1
That was a big suprise to hear lauren falling on her double arabian!!
She is really peaking at the moment and i hope she has no injuries holding her back at worlds and london!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who came 4th with Juniors & Seniors? And are the scores close? Also what is the comp for these girls on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Apparatus finals on Sunday

Anonymous said...

At what point does GA want to put up the scores ...... it can't be that difficult to do!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fully aware that this has nothing to do with anything here but I'm watching Charlies Angels 2 and Bela karolyi is Lucy Liu's gymnastics coach!
Just thought someone on here might appreciate that...
Congrats to the girls for their results at Nationals!

Anonymous said...

It's a Saturday so I think that might be why GA has not put scores up. They put Thursday nights up yesterday. I think they have tried them this time with fb updates etc, maybe put them a bit of slack.

Anonymous said...

So what is Lorenzin's injury? And does anyone know why Laura hingston and svetlana sanders aren't in Perth?

Anonymous said...

Shetland, I haven't seen her for ages. I think she has either retired or very injured, but not sure. Laura haven't heard anything about her. What level is she? And where is she from?

Anonymous said...

It is not difficult to get scores up on a weekend, they are on the computer. All scores should be able to ne live all other countries seem to manage it!! They don't need any slack.....

Anonymous said...

Svetlana and Laura are both injured and have been for a while.

Anonymous said...

Lorenzen is not retired but what about Emma collister is she?

Anonymous said...

A real mixed bag in the IDP 10 results. Some very low start values. Was the qualifying mark lowered?

Anonymous said...

i have to say GA australia are the ( seemingly most backward buisness i've ever been involved with ( spanning almost 15 years now).
When?? are they going to get on board the social media trend and realise that instant info is the most powerful way to keep their portals relevant.
It took them literally years to pull their collective heads out of their precious bums and put a website up; they panicked about a message board; now they've got facebook going and use the excuse as the website being down?? what's so difficult about having a member on the ground to give updates via Twitter or random posts.
Please, please put a 20something in there as your media liason - someone who know what the fans really need to be fed.

Anonymous said...

Their quick hits are pretty bad anyway, now that they're trying. There's like 1 update every 10 mins, they list no skills hardly, and they describe a routine as 'good' if it has 2 near falls, for example. Or Chloe's 'slightly late' pirouette into her dismount - it finished well below horizontal!

Anonymous said...

GA now have results up. Chloe came fourth overall.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be thankful for the quick hits, if Nicki Smith (WA level 10) did not do her ACL in, there would be none.
I am pleased she has turned her own negative situation into a better situation for others.

Anonymous said...

The quickhits aren't bad considering it's all we've got. There's no livestream. No reports by GA. No fans on the floor useing twitter or posting here. Thank God for Gemeanie's youtube vids otherwise we would have nothing.

It says a lot that open day at a Victorian gym gets better/more accessible coverage here and on youtube than nationals.

Mez said...

Well, I'm terribly sorry I couldn't get to Perth, Anon.

Brindabella will be at the EF tomorrow night so should be texting me updates as the event unfolds if she isn't tweeting instead (which I really appreciate, because she deserves to sit and just watch the comp like a normal spectator).

Gemeanie and Angeandbella are putting up vids over the weekend.

Doing some kind of multimedia coverage of a comp means you miss watching with your own eyes. It's a big call to make on a fan who has paid for a seat and spends most of the time juggling phones, or staring at their phone (or a screen).

Yeah, GA might have dropped the ball but the fans are trying to keep it in the air. We could be a lot worse off, you know!

Anonymous said...

No disrespect meant to you Mez. I may have worded that poorly. What I meant is that if an in house gym comp can be covered so well by you and other fans then Gymnastics Australia should be able to cover Nationals better. They could set up a youtube account or upload videos to the facebook page. It really shows how much the fans keep this sport alive. Fan reports and videos are great but for nationals there really should be some official coverage of some sort.

Anonymous said...

The mens results are now comming up on the GA site

Mez said...

Ok, I take your point (ps I meant juggling CAMERAS, my bad). Sorry to be stroppy, today hasn't been my day.

I admit I miss livestreaming. Hugely. The last we saw it was, what, 2008? I hope it doesn't become an "only in Olympic years" thing. Heck, Rushmoor gym in the UK broadcast their event every year, to overseas viewers no less! And update scores live, that's an awesome treat.

I mean... Maybe it's some weird intervening year thing, and in 2012 they'll reinvent themselves as a constantly-updating news resource from Olys onwards. The day we get some kind of BGTV/Gymnastike site I'll die an ecstatic death. I'm hoping this new CEO will implement some of the cool interactive, communicative measures we've seen come out of the British program.

Until then I have a feeling we're all our own reporters!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the new CEO is over at the Gymnaestrada in Switzerland, so obviously doesnt think its that important to be at Nationals....cant see her caring about the coverage of nationals if she isnt even at it!!!

Nichole said...

QLD took out the snr mens team Gold

Rhythmic Snr AA
Gold Danni Prince QLD
Silver janine Murray WA
Bronze Jaelle Cohen NSW

Rhythmic Jnr AA
Gold Zoe Ormond QLD
Silver Michaela Whitehouse NSW
Bronze Neisha Rizzo WA

RG team -Snr
Gold NSW
Silver QLD
Bronze WA

Not sure about jnr sorry. Jnr and Snr apparatus finals are 2pm to 5pm WA time.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my best with the quick hits...I'm a gymnast as well and I'm not going to write anything negative about these gymnasts who dedicate their lives to the sport and train so hard day after day. I have been trying to put up positive posts rather than focusing on the negatives. It is a difficult job to do when four apparatus are happening at once and there is only one of me to post. Thanks, Nikky.

Anonymous said...

Any criticism for the girls gymnastics should come from their coaches, not from me or any of gymnastics Australia's followers. Nikky

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nickky for the awesome job, one nit picky thing though... It's Yurchenko not Yershenko

Anonymous said...

thanks NIkky. we dont actually need opinions - just need the routines and the scores and we can make our own! lol
i wrote the post @6:27 - and now they've got an injured gymnast providing the info. wonderful for us - but appalling media skills for them - i mean really... there's no excuse for NOT having a dedicated media person to sit and Tweet or FB - it's NOT a fad and it's time to take such social media as your first line access.
Bl**dy Dinosaurs. I repeat my previous rant - get a 20year old apprentice on board to do the job.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a 22 yr old gymnast who is injured, and glad to be involved in nationals in any way I can, but I've no experience in covering events like this. Thanks for your feedback, I will be posting quick hits on event finals this evening and will try to accommodate to your requests. Nikky

Anonymous said...

Thank you NIkki, I have actually enjoyed your quick hits for someone who has never done it before I think you are doing a great job. Without you we would have no idea what was going on during the actual competition.

Anonymous said...

Nikky you are amazing! Your commitment is such an inspiration to all of us.
I think everybody needs to remember that without Nikky there would be NO quick hits, zero coverage of Nationals.
So thankyou Nikky!

Anonymous said...

Thanks also to Brindabella for her brilliant efforts today!