Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rizzo Regaining Grip

Let this recent Canberra Times feature on Phil Rizzo get you buzzing for his comeback, as well as the (any day now!?) announcement of the 2011 MAG Worlds team.

The team for Japan was expected to be announced either late last night or sometime today.

''It was pretty hard for me just to get motivated for it [the nationals] but I did all right, I think I did enough to be able to be selected for the national squad,'' he said.


Anonymous said...

Possibly they intended to say the Worlds squad? Because that WAS named. Don't see why they would name a squad if they also intended to name the team.

If the info hasn't surfaced yet, I can write down the names if anyone is interested? Pretty sure there will be an official announcement anyway pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes interested?