Friday, June 13, 2008

Bring Out Yer Dead

Tomorrow is Melbourne's burgeoning annual Zombie Shuffle aka Mummy, What are Those Slow-Moving, Blood-Spattered Things Coming Up The Street?

So yes, my friend and I will be there in zombie-fied finery. Can't wait.

If I still had the lithe figure of my youth, and had held onto my old club leotard, I'd have gone as Elena Zombie-lodchikova but despite the aforementioned factors, I officially vetoed it because I didn't think anyone would get the reference.

Damn undead and their ignorance of global sports...

Ooooh! Here's something to bring me out of my undead reverie: has posted some scrabulous videos at YouTube. They include high-quality footage of the Pacific Rim competition. Scroll through for videos of Aussies. The great things about this collection are-
1. No annoying NBC commentators! In fact, no commentators at all!
2. Ashleigh Brennan's FX, which we didn't see in the tv broadcast, is there!
3. No watermarks or scrolling newsbars!
4. Great visual and sound quality! Just listen to that team encouragement!
5. Did I mention the lack of annoying commentators!?

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