Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Berwick to Beijing and Back Again

It's D-Day, people. Or should I say B-Day, as the final trial for the Beijing women's team gets underway in Canberra today. Cross your fingers, eyes and all other humanoid digits that it goes smoothly and the girls all perform at their best.
Good luck, girls!

Now for the media, with which we will hopefully be bombarded over the next two days (they've been invited to the trials so keep one eye on the papers and another on the news bulletins!)

Ashleigh Brennan scored a feature in The Age as one of several hopefuls (and favourites) for the team. Her family are very supportive in their preparations to go and see her compete in the world's biggest sporting event. To give a bit more insight into the family's sacrifice (and those of similar sporting families), a family friend of ours has a son in the Australian Olympic hockey squad. He made it to their final trial but sadly he didn't up making the team. If he had, the other family members would have had to fork out upwards of $300 each(!) for tickets to go and see him compete.
I have a crazy theory that, provided she makes the team (which I believe she will), Ash's floor routine wouldn't be shown in the broadcast because it's the theme music to a program ("Cold Case") shown on a rival network to the Olympic broadcaster. Let's not forget, Allana Slater was nearly in trouble in 2000 for using floor music that was used in QANTAS ads, that airline NOT being the official sponsor of the Sydney Olympics.

Follow the Waverly girls' progress here. There is a short explanatory piece here, and Dasha gets a a say here and here.

Joura said she had a little trick that might catch the eye of the judges.

''Some gymnasts go in with a straight face but I have a little bit of flair and try to connect with the judges and the crowd,'' she said.

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Anonymous said...

Aww what a sweet as article! I loved it. I tell you what, the Melbourne newspapers do a much better job at profiling their gymnastics golden girl than the WA newspapers do of profiling our two golden girls. Ashleigh seems to have had heaps of press lately in the Age - good for her. I hope she makes the team and has an awesome experience at the Games.