Friday, June 27, 2008

You're nervous!? I'M Nervous!

It's getting closer, folks. On Monday morning we will know our women's Olympic gymnastics team!

The air is electric and goosebumpy.
I've come over all woozy...

Will our three-time national champion be on that list? Oh, I should think so. Better she be nervous now than in the middle of the Olympic podium!

(In other news - keep your ears to the ground if you're a fan of British gymnasts. Team GB gets named after this weekend too).

Oz vs GB in the race to team finals... bring it on, guv'ner!


Anonymous said...

i'm going to see the trials tomorrow and perhaps even on sunday.....i can e-mail you my thoughts if you like long as i remain anonymous

Mez said...

Have I told you... Lately... That I love you!? You would be doing the blog and gymfans everywhere a great service, Sir/Madam. Any efforts are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure Dasha and Shona were automatic qualifiers due to their national placing so I dont think they would have been so nervous