Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mayo's A-OK

When I went to film the Level 10 division at Nationals this year, I prepared to enter fairly unchartered spectator territory. I asked two correspondents who they recommended to film/take note of, beyond Natalia Joura. I felt lost in a sea of unknown names. One of the names they rattled off was that of Amaya King-Koi, a young Queenslander. Sadly my battery ran out and I couldn't film any of her routines but I did take note of her dainty athleticisim as she moved about the rotations. I also couldn't help but notice the massive QLD support base behind her, as team-mates (including Naomi Russell), shouted "Go Mayo! Come on, Mayo!" from all around the arena. Very cute and very nice to hear. Anyway, she got her own little corner of printed press (and, it must be said, overly-shadowed photography) this week.

She's definitely one to watch.

Looking through GA archives yesterday, I also found that she was one of the pink-clad youngin's supported by Scott Martin in a photoshoot last year (below, she's on the right). Again with the cute!

HOLD the MAYO. Geddit!? Ah, they should be paying me for this stuff...


Anonymous said...

Do you have any videos of the inter 10s? I would love to see them if you do :-)

Mez said...

I only managed to get one, Katie Wurth's floor, before the battery ran out.

AFAIK there are several videos of Natalia Joura online, plus some others (Courtneys Barnard and Peoples).

Have a aquizz at youtube, try typing in "Level 10 australian gymnastics 2008" or summat like that.

nade00 said...

I've got snippets from a few different routines, and I think I have Amaya's full beam routine as well as the vaults of the Waverley girls, a few bits and pieces of Tierra Exum, some of Angela Donald's beam etc etc - I'm still putting them all into one file but I should have them uploaded by the week's end -

Anonymous said...

thanks for that! I will definitely check out your channel later in the week Nade.

I have seen the others on youtube (but thanks for the heads up Mez).
Would you mind putting up Katie's floor? I liked that routine :-)

Mez said...

I can't put it up myself, it's in someone else's hands (cf. another fan who took it upon herself to edit and upload both my videos and her own, which I'm very grateful for) so it might take a bit.

FYI there was a typo in my comment, it was meant to say "a squizz" not just "a aquizz".

Anonymous said...

thats ok.... I will be patient. I appreciate your effort filming and the other fans effort uploading :-)

lol, I did not even notice your typo!