Monday, September 22, 2008

Give it Up For Dangerous Dave

Just want to give a little shout-out to an old mate of mine. A fellow who, truly, can be considered a one-man team.

David Morris, originally of Park Orchards here in Melbourne, is currently the only male in the Olympic aerial skiing program (and the first in about 10 years). He has several medals to his name (including one from a recent World up) and he is aiming for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games after a career in gymnastics, both competing and coaching at the Nunawading Gymnastics and Sports Club. Dave spearheaded the men's team that, on a lot of occasions, could be seen as playing second-fiddle to the growing women's team. But you can't say he didn't stand out on his own in spite of that. He was renowned for his twists and flips, and was never far from the tumbling mat, vault runway or double-mini-tramp. He was never afraid and never backed down from a challenge. I can recall myself yelling "Nooo!" on more than one occasion, as he did a Make-'Em-Laugh-sequence-of-Singin-in-the-Rain-style run and flip up a wall, or attempted a flip with a ridiculous number of twists over a stack of spotting boxes.

Away from the acrobatics, I know Dave to be a lovely person. He is always positive, joking and genuine. Dave has a very encouraging family as well, all nice people, and I'm sure they'll be cheering for him like crazy if (nay, WHEN) his big chance comes in two years' time. Dave is living proof that you can achieve the very best if you work hard, and that gymnastics is a fantastic foundation for any sport. It doesn't all end for you if you choose to walk away from the mat.

So get behind the one-man aerial skiing team and give a cheer for 'Dangerous Dave'!


Anonymous said...

You can check out some of Dave in action if you have facebook

Mez said...

Yup, he's pretty popular!

(I should point out that in his time coaching gym, the kids adored him. They thought he was Santa and Humphrey and Barney all rolled into one! And he did his own stunts!)