Thursday, September 11, 2008

Small World, Innit?

I discovered this morning that I go to the same orthodontist as one of our Olympic team members.


Anonymous said...

which member?
don't leave us in suspense like this!

Mez said...

It wouldn't be fair for me to say. But her picture was up on their waiting room noticeboard, as well as an article about the team from during the Games.

With a mouth full of scrapey, pokey, tweezey things, I didn't get much of a chance do ask the orthodontist about it.

Anonymous said...

i reckon its shona.

Anonymous said...

You're not saying where your orthondontist is so it doesnt matter if u tell us who it is.

Mez said...


mistysakura said...

Lol, life is random. Like teenagers... I agree with not telling us who it is; it's a bit creepy.

Mez said...

Thing is, I am there once a month getting my braces tightened. The likelihood of me bumping into the gymnast is slim to nil. And even if I did, I'm not the kind to go ask for an autograph or photo or lock of hair or anything like that.

I'm not planning on making additional visits to the clinic anytime soon, either, just to spot this girl... medical facilities (dental or otherwise) are my least favourite places to be. I wouldn't ever make a conscious effort to clock up visits if I didn't have to be there.

I'm leaving it at a cool coincidence, and that is all.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm first it's Zeena at your work and now it's a mystery girl at the orthdontist, me thinks you're a bit of a stalker. What's next, you enrolling at Churchlands in WA and being in all of Dasha's classes ;)

And who needs an autograph when you can get a dental impression, much more personal IMO.

For what it's worth I think it's Ash.

Anonymous said...

Wow - good for you, although I think you do hold back on a lot of information Meredith Young ex Waverley.

Anonymous said...

umm let's not turn this into a "bash Mez fest!!!" I for one really enjoy reading her blogs and appreciate all the information she contributes to her site. If you don't like what Mez has to say (or think she's a "stalker") don't come and read her blogs.

mistysakura said...

Sorry, I wasn't implying that Mez was creepy. I was just saying that it would be creepy if the whole internet knew Mez and a named team member had the same orthodontist. And I think the "anonymous" of 9:43 am was just kidding. :p

Mez said...

I've been working where I do for six years, I chose to work there in high school because it was local and convenient, and it's only in the last 18 months or so that I've noticed Zeena McLaughlin coming through my register. Maybe she's moved to an adjacent suburb, who knows? I don't particularly care and I don't wish to go and find her. I just smile to myself when I see her because I know who she is and what she's achieved. She's someone significant in a sea of faces. I remember serving a guy once and as he walked away one of my co-workers said, "aw my gawd! Did you see who that was?" and when I said no she guffawed and said, "That's so-and-so from Big Brother! He was one of the turkey-slapper guys who got kicked out! God, I should've tried to talk to him!" *cue facepalm*
It's all a big assembly line of people that parade past me every few days, I say hello and goodbye and help them with their goods and that's it. For me it was interesting seeing Z because in my childhood I only ever saw her on the tv, competing, and here she is grown up and away from gymnastics and being 'normal'.

And I've been going to the orthodontist two suburbs away since last December because I HAVE TO, it was a clinic recommended to me by my dentist, and I only *just* discovered that a gymnast goes there. I have already said that the chances of me actually seeing her there are slim to nil, and I don't plan to make a big thing of it anyway. It's a happy coincidence.

I don't MAKE people go places and I don't purposefully make additional visits just to see them there. At my work, I have a lot of regular customers that I see there because I am rostered on frequently and a supermarket is a necessity for a lot of people.

I don't get why I apparently can't say that I'm pleased an athlete that I admire coincidentally goes to my orthodontist. I know people lose their shit when they find our their favourite footballer shops at their local fruit shop or was spotted at a restaurant they go to. Me, I just thought "Oh, cool! Hows about that! What are the odds?" and envisioned asking the ortho, simply, if it was indeed her that was one of his patients and leaving it at that. It may have ended up being cut short anyway - there's doctor-patient confidentiality!

And sorry - did I just get identified as Meredith Young of Waverley? Or did someone sign their comment as Meredith Young of Waverley? If you are Ms Young, hello! If you're not but you think that I am, sorry! Wrong girl and wrong part of Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

I use to see Jason Akermanis around all the time, he lived just a few streets away from me up here in Brissie. I wasn't a stalker but you live in the same suburb you are bound to run into each other at the local supermarket, petrol station, newsagents oh yeah and once at the cinema.

It happens.

mistysakura said...

Note to self: must evict foot from mouth. I agree with everything you said, Mez. Including you not saying which member it is. That's all I wanted to say. Will shut up now and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Y'know, I reckon this wouldn't have stirred things up half as much if actual stuff was happening in Australian gymnastics... I think us blog responders are just bored gym fans :P

nade00 said...

What is wrong with you people?

Do you have no knowledge of online etiquette or even basic gratitude?

Here is a person trying to protect the privacy of one of our gymnasts, as well as going to the effort of writing a blog for all you fans and all you can do is harass her and write insulting comments.

And to the person who made the 'Meredith Young ex-Waverley' comment. Clearly you think that this person Meredith Young is writing the blog, and even though she isn't, it is extremely inappropriate to reveal someone's real name for the whole internet to see if they have not chosen to disclose it, regardless of the author. If it was Meredith Young writing this blog, I am sure she would feel it was a violation of her privacy and anonymity, as anyone would.

Mez said...

Sorry, Misty, my comment was general. It was not directed specifically at you.

Thanks for the kind words, though.

I'm not expecting (or desiring) to be some all-adored, revered weblog wonder. I just don't like things I say being misconstrued. Nothing about my ONE SENTENCE-LONG POST mentioned or implied anything about 'stalking', harrassing or autograph-seeking.