Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick News

1. If you have access to Foxtel/Austar, put your TV on the Arena channel NOW (10:15am) because Shawn Johnson is going to be on Ellen. If you miss it, the show will be repeated at Noon on Arena+2. Then, at around 11:15, pop it on the W channel to see Nastia Liukin appear on The View. It's quite a gym-tastic day today!

ETA - I believe both shows will also air on Channel 9 from Noon so you'll get double the gym in the one day!

2. Monday 15th September is the parade of Olympic athletes in Sydney; Sunrise and The Morning Show (ch 7) will have official coverage.


Anonymous said...

Western Australia doesn't get the View on Nine. We do get Ellen I think, but not sure how up to date with the US the eps are.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Johnson was one Ellen today, channel 9. She was very bubbly and sweet....SUPRISE.

She perfomed on BB. Obviously not her full set but she did do a front tuck and most of her leaps. Dismounted with a tuck full.

the best part was when Ellen was tryng to get up on the beam and Shawn had to help her. She's definitely improving in her interviews. If u compare her 2007 interview with Ellen with the new one she comes across as much more confident and funny. Especially when she was talkin about marriage proposals and some guy motioning to her and saying " call me." Ellen asked if he was young and Shawn was quite emphatic with a "No."

Mez said...

Shawn was indeed adorable, even a litle funny, and I loved when she was helping Ellen on the beam over the credits, showing that it was so second nature to her but quite unnerving for a grown adult like Ellen.

Nastia was tacked on at the very very end of The View, and they briefly chatted to her mum and dad.