Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Season, A New Tune


It was revealed just prior to the Olympics that one Lady Dasha Joura-Sassington-Funk would be getting a new floor routine after the Games. As she is a probable World Cup candidate for the comps going on until the end of the year (unless P-Liddy lets her rest and the Victorian girlies finally get some funding to go) and is likely to be back on the floor in the coming months (GlasgowGlasgowGlasgowGlasgowGlasgow *fingers crossed*) this may not manifest itself until the new year.

But that aside, here are some thoughts I had about new music for the exciting Miss D. They're allcurrently on my iPod. Call me insane, call me un-musical, call me what you will.

The theme from Hot Fuzz. Best making-a-strutty-slow-motion-entrance piece EVAH.

A La Turk by the Counterfeit Gypsies. I just... I love them. I really do.

Sabotage, cover of the Beastie Boys hit by Aussie string quartet Fourplay. Here it is live on Spicks and Specks, sped up slightly and unfortunately cut a bit short. Look up their album "Catgut Ya Tongue?" for the full version. It would make for an interesting, disjointed, postmodern, 'discordant' floor routine.

Diablo Rojo by mind-blowing Mexican [by way of Ireland] duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Gosh, they're good! Once again, the album version is quite different, if not better - it's actually faster and longer and has a slightly different percussion bridge... or at least, the version given to me was - but regardless it is still catchy!


Anonymous said...

She could SO own the 3rd one!!With her personality... OMG a Worlds apparatus final contender for sure and I would love to see girls especially Miss D actually dancing TO their floor music again not just waving a bit of arms here and there to get from point a to point b.

Mez said...

Joura + YYL + Cheng Fei + Pavlova = Mez is happyclappy.

I keep meaning to somehow send a letter with a CD of songs to Adi Pop/Stacey U-L via the AIS and say "Hey! Consider these ones!"