Friday, September 5, 2008


Here 'tis.

Just keep it on the down-low *touches nose*. The Powers That Be are still suspending some accounts flor flouting certain broadcasting laws. But if you ask me, we DESERVE to see the routines we missed out on!

Apologies for the distinct lack of beam or vault. Bars and floor footage took an eon to download, I couldn't handle much more waiting! I had to go with brief 'Yum Cha' footage, would you believe!

If you wish to see more footage (including extended high-definition footage) from finals and preliminaries, check out this link. Again, keep it under your hats.

You will have to register to use the forum, but there is a wealth of footage that some very kind people provide for others to view, and you can contribute your own if you wish. There be treasure in them thar discussion threads!


Hayley said...

I live in NZ so I see very little gymnastics. Oh I can watch rugby 24/7 but gymnastics only 1 hrs footage every 4 years! grrr tvnz.

nade00 said...

Thanks Mez. I like it a lot, and the footage is lovely. I plan to do one eventually but my hard drive is chock full atm!

Mez said...

I am sure mine will end up paling in comparison to yours, which will be stellar as usual!