Monday, November 15, 2010


Vids of Elite Massilia are now up and about.

Nade00 has graciously cross-uploaded-and-posted videos from French TV of Aussies in the Massilia event finals.

Blythe Lawrence has some qualification videos available.

Merci one and all!


Anonymous said...


Happy birthday to Mary-Anne Monckton.
16 Today!

(and yes, this was me <3)

he he he

Anonymous said...

Happy sweet 16th Mary-Anne

Anonymous said...

Random one I know. Does anyone have a copy or know where I can get a copy of the movie Nadia. Don't pay me out, I know it's lame but I am trying to fill a request for a friend. My own copy never got returned and all other efforts to track one down through folks my vintage have been exhausted. Know you can shell out unrealistic bucks on eBay or Amazon but surely someone in Oz has an old VHS copy that they could transfer to DVD?

Yours Millie Simonescu

Anonymous said...

Nadia is on youtube in 10 minute pieces.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Lauren at the Glasgow Grand Prix

Anonymous said...

If you look at the photos from the VHPC website you see that there are 10 girls to 2 coaches in the senior squad which are Jnr Snr Girls. 10 girls to 3 coaches and they are the IDP5 - 10 girls and then there are the pre IDP girls that are 19 girls to 2 coaches but they look like they are broken into 2 squads. I think MLC, Waverley, HPC and WAIS have all produced quality girls over the years. it might not be an option for MAM to move over to WA - it may be an easier option for her to move to Victoria or QAS. Hopefully she will be able to let us know soon where she is going as i believe she reads this board sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50
Where are you coming from or have some of the posts been deleted.
I just want to wish Lauren all the best and Well done on all your achievements .... You are an inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

some of the posts have been deleted.
photo's reflect where the girls have trained this year. 10 of the pre girls have moved up and now there are 18 girls to 3 coaches.