Sunday, November 14, 2010

Massilia Catch-Up

Blythe Lawrence has a few reports up on the Elite Massilia round. Here are a couple of her notes from the competition that feature Aussies.

Warmup notes:

"The Aussies are far and away the winners of the 2010 Elite Massilia sparkly leotard competition. The senior team's long sleeved pink and black look is outsparkled only by the black look of the juniors."

"In addition to physically resembling her sister, baby-faced Natalia Joura also reminds me of a young Dominique Moceanu. Something about the way she moves, I think. Also the fact that she wears beam shoes and wrist guards a la Moceanu in 1995-96. She also wears the same type of ankle protectors favored by Aliya Mustafina. And here she's sporting a rather large bandage/guard that covers her whole left thigh."

"I happened to be standing near the vault table during the flag presentation, which begins with some heavy, rather Russian music, the sort that makes you want to move around. And Natalia Joura and her father/coach Vladimir did a kind of impropmtu duet, where they danced around a little, moving from side to side and kicking their legs to the music. Very cute."

Day 2 notes:

"The Australian women swept the junior vault -- first place went to Victoria's Tierra Exum, who showed a tucked Omelianchik followed by a piked Omelianchik, both with good landings. Natalia Joura (Yurchenko full and Yurchenko half) was second, followed by Nikki Chung (Yurchenko full)."

"Chung and Georgia-Rose Brown went 1-2 for the Australian junior team on bars, followed by Anne Kuhm of France. On floor, Belgium's Terry Grand'ry won over France's Lea Calon and Joura."

Joura was 2nd in the junior AA.

Junior vault:

1. Tierra Exum, AUS (Victoria), 13.475, 13.95
2. Natalia Joura, AUS, 13.775, 13.575
3. Nikki Chung, AUS 13.7, 13.175

Junior bars:

1. Nikki Chung, AUS, 13.975
2. Georgia-Rose Brown, AUS, 13.775

Junior beam:

1. Irina Paun, ROM, 13.85
2. Joanna Dejardin, BEL, 13.2
3. Maartje Ruikes, NED, 12.75
4. Nikki Chung, AUS, 12.5

Junior floor:

1. Terry Grand'ry, BEL, 13.4
2. Lea Calon, FRA, 12.925
3. Natalia Joura, AUS, 12.925
4. Irina Paun, ROM, 12.9
5. Brianna Clark, CAN, 12.725
6. Alexandra Eade, AUS (Victoria), 12.625

Congrats on your finishes, girls! You have done your programs and your country proud!


Anonymous said...

So all the juniors were together whether or not they were in the Open or Top Massilia. That must eb why Alex was not on the bars final there must have been 8 in the Top Massilia ahead of her.

Anonymous said...

Ranked 13th Bars (Jun/Sen comb) , Only allowed two per country for finals ,take out Natalia.Alex should have been in top twelve and therefore I would asume in bar final????

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Georgia Simpson didn't compete? I was looking forward to finally seeing some routines.

Anonymous said...

I think finals is only top 8.

Anonymous said...

Australia had three in vault final, Tierra from Victoria and Nikki and Natalia from Aus. Assuming they were classed as different teams so I am assuming that the two per country rule for bars would have only affected Natalia and not Alex.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mez, Blythe has put vids up over at the Examiner if you want to link to them!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Natalia's bars were different at Massilia I guess they went for an easier routine. She only had one fall at Massilia on floor on the first day compared to her six at Combs La Ville so much better.

Anonymous said...

At Combs La ille she did a free hip circle full into a Gienger. At Massilia she did a very late free hip circle full into a couple of giants. Obviously the Gienger was giving her problems which is a shame because she does it laid out ala Nastia Liukin which is really pretty rather than the more piked varieties.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am really impressed by these Aussie juniors. I hope they all stick with it cause they are the best lot of juniors I remember coming through for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone let me know how Laura Hingston went in the comp at Massilia? She's a pretty gymnast but sems to have had some difficulty on beam.

Anonymous said...

According to the results she came 30th AA.