Saturday, November 20, 2010

NCAA November Update

Aussie expats Melanie Jones and Olivia Vivian competed in Oregon State's annual "Orange and Black" exhibition competition last night, giving fans a teaser of their 2011 season.

Check out this engaging picture of Mel... (click for larger)

(photo credit Ethan Erickson/Oregon State Athletic Dept)

News from the Stanford women's team is that Aussie freshman Shona Morgan is fitting in very well and having a whole lot of fun in her new surrounds, having

a) amused everyone on the team's 80s-themed day with a "sassy Betty Boop dance" on beam
b) performed some impressive bars and beam work in training; her bars releases have been positively remarked upon a number of times
c) dressed in a Superman costume, along with her fellow freshmen, for the team's Halloween party!

Over in Washington, 2-year absentee Monique Blount remains on the George Washington University roster and hopes to finally, fully, represent her school this year in competition.


Anonymous said...

Are there any vids of Olivia, Mel or Shona, would love to see them having fun!

Mez said...

Not yet! Stanford are quite good with their video updates but I don't think they've had their instrasquad/season preview yet.

All I know is that Mel vaulted a Yurchenko full and had quite a nice floor.

Olivia competed bars but I think she only warmed up beam and floor.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for all our Aussie girls doing us proud over in the NCAA. You girls rock & we love ya!!

Anonymous said...

We certainly miss Liv's humour and talent on the Aussie seen. Great she is doing well in OSU.