Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AGB June Update

Hi everyone.

This is a very important announcement about a decision I have had to make regarding the Australian Gymnastics Blog. I understand that it could divide my readership, but it is a step towards making the blog a more streamlined and un-jumbled space once it gets back in action.

As of this evening, I will be removing the Anonymous comment option from the blog. From here on in, you will have to sign in with a Google or OpenID account (all completely free to sign up for; if you use Gmail for email you can sign in with that ID). Posts are getting bogged down in back-and-forth debate that is veering very far away from post content. There are also random queries being posted here that don't have much to do with anything and they are getting lost and unanswered.

I will also be enforcing the following general rules of thumb:

- If you have a question about what club or level is best for your budding gymnast, please direct it to Gymnastics Australia or the Down Under area of WWGym ( Your query can be answered by the multitude of informed and informative people at either space. And if you're not sure... simply have a crack at Googling or phoning some clubs.

- If you have a question pertaining to club protocol, levels skill requirements or level progression, please direct it to Gymnastics Australia, the Down Under forum of WWGym, or your club. Basically, see the point above. Forums are absolutely the best place for questions (particularly from parents wanting to sniff out resourceful competition attendees) beginning "Does anyone know how...?/Did anyone happen to see the results for...?" and if you've never been to one before, better late than never!

- I encourage anyone with a query not relating to post content or discussion to direct it to GA, WWGym or to my Formspring account listed in the sidebar. These resources can help point you in the right direction.

- If you wish to post results or competition result/video links, kindly email me first at and contain the links in your email. This way I can put them in a lovely big post so they don't get lost in the commenting ether. The whole world can properly see your initiative! You will be of course fully credited (or remain anonymous if you wish) and get lots of shiny kudos.

- Comments reporting on gymnast circumstances that are NOT confirmed publicly by Gymnastics Australia, said gymnast's club or said gymnast's family will be promptly deleted. I do not encourage the rumour mill or hearsay swiped from Facebook.

- AGB frequently highlights gym events in Victoria because its author (me!) lives and works in Victoria. That said, news and observations from around the country are always warmly welcomed. I might appear one-sided but please understand that I am limited by logistic and budget constraints!

So there you have it. Coal is being shovelled onto the fire, and AGB is very slowly shunting to life once again. Stay tuned for news and notes on the road to Nationals.

Your contributions still are, and always will be, extremely important to me. I am happy to discuss any of these changes with you at any time (but kindly don't resort to spamming old posts with complaints).

Cheers ears.

- M.


shelley said...

hear, hear!

mistysakura said...

I understand where you're coming from, Mez. On the one hand, it's your blog, and it must be frustrating seeing your posts hijacked for unrelated discussion and rumours. I've never seen that to such an extent on any other blog. On the other hand, the reality is that for whatever reason, some people have come to rely on this blog as the only online discussion forum for Australian gymnastics. And it's difficult to stay on topic, because... well, this blog hasn't been updated much lately... and while I understand that there are legitimate reasons for that, it does mean that discussion goes off topic becase people need somewhere to post their news since the blog's not doing it. I hope that this trend will change, and that people will move their discussions to appropriate forums. I hope that discussion won't just be shut down, for that would be a real shame.

Is AGB going to Vics?

nade00 said...

It's good that you can get it nice and automated so you don't have to sign in everytime.

angeandbella said...

Full support for this, Mez.

Mez said...

Thanks for the feedback so far, guys. I know everybody hates captchas but it was just getting a little out of control.

I understand it's difficult to stay on topic when not that much new content is being generated but in general it was difficult to cope with one semi-irrelevant discussion going then someone would wade in with a question out of left field, and spark a whole NEW debate that was really better suited to a forum.

I was (actually kinda still am) keen on starting a new messageboard, with state and level-specific sub forums, and a "new to gymnastics" forum for parents/newbies, an elite international foum and a non-artistic gymsports forum to give them some love too.

AGB certainly hopes to make it to Vics, transport pending!

shelley said...

Where might AGB need transport from...perhaps we can arange something?

Nicole said...

I was often posting using the anon function because I couldn't be bothered with the sign in, but I think its nicer when you can at least see where the comments are coming from and therefore decide how credible they are...

Looking forward to more updates, Mez.

asha-76 said...

Keep up the great work Mez...a specific Aussie messageboard would be great as people have been using your blog by default as a replacement for the old Aussie gym board. I think a lot of gym parents and people new to the sport find WWGym intimidating because it covers all gymsports and skating across the world and they get a bit lost. If you ever get around to it and need any help feel free to get in touch.