Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lauren's Universal Appeal

Hi all.

Universal Sports have an updated interview with our floor world champ Lauren Mitchell available, with added 'behind the scenes at the 2011 American Cup' photos.

We read that Peggy Liddick thinks you can do a four rotation wolf turn.

Maybe on beam? Maybe a three-and-a-half on beam, but probably not on floor. Not [on the American Cup floor] because that was "carpet carpet". The one at Worlds was more slippery so I could do three.

What is the key to that turn? Is it core strength? Quad strength?

Being able to twist your foot and your heel so you get around and using the momentum from your shoulders and being able to balance.

Do you have any other tricks in the works?

One more trick on floor and then bars and beam dismount. [Coach] Nikolai [Lapchine] wants me to do a two-and-a-half on vault, but I haven't attempted any yet, so we'll see how it goes.

Carpet carpet?

Carpet carpet!

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