Sunday, June 12, 2011

Champ Changes Gear


Tucked at the bottom of the page in today's Herald Sun sport section is an update on Lauren Mitchell!

Read the full article here.

During the week she finished working with world-renowned gymnastics choreographer Adriana Pop, who designed a program aimed at first defending the West Australian's title before chasing gold in London.

"I needed a new floor, because the world champion can't go back to the world championships with the same routine," Mitchell said.

"Peggy opted for some really different music and when I heard it, I thought, 'Wow, I don't know if I like it', but we got Adriana down here and she's come up with some really cool stuff.

Mitchell intends to launch her new routine at the Japan Cup at the start of next month.

"I needed something that would stand out and Peggy said, "You have to shift sideways and then go up a level"*, and I think this routine achieves that," she said. "Hopefully it's up there. I think definitely the dance has got the potential (for an Olympic gold medal), I just have to add the tumbles in now."

*Wait, whaaaaat?

Edit: GA have given us more info about the exciting new routine!


Rawles said...

I take the "you have to shift sideways and go up a level"as sort of saying, you have to move away from what you were doing/out of your comfort zone and do it at a higher level. But yeah it's weird vague talk.

That said, I'm super excited to see her new floor.

Anonymous said...

It's just like tetris! But seriously, Adi Pop again? Sigh... hope it's one of her good ones.

nade00 said...

yeh me too...i hope it is something really unusual and not just from her recycled stock. I've liked some of her work like PPP but others have been meh.

Mez said...

I got the "take it to the next level" thing, I didn't get the "shift it sideways" thing!

@Misty: Or Zumba! ;)

angeandbella said...

To me, the "shift sideways" quote means doing something unusual and unique. The world champion should be a trendsetter, not a trend follower, after all!

Will be super excited to see this in Perth!

Nik said...

I don't like Pop's choerography, its always awkward looking. Hopefully this is a good routine because Lauren certainly deserves it and we need her to shine at worlds and 2012.

At least this is confirmation that she doesn't have a broken leg hahaha. Stupid anonymous poster...