Sunday, June 26, 2011


Very best wishes to the Aussie WAG team travelling to next weekend's Japan Cup -

Ashleigh Brennan
Georgia Rose Brown
Larrissa Miller
Lauren Mitchell
Maryanne Monckton

A quick "get well soon" shout-out to MAG strongman Josh Jefferis, who (I am told by someone at the event) was injured at this weekend's Queensland state championships. Hang in there, Josh!

If you have any news, reviews or observations from your state's gymnastics championships this month, please don't hesitate to share them!


m&m said...

I must say there were quite a few falls from both wag & mag senior/junior gymnasts at qld states last night!! but routines were still looking quite good :)

And also I believe there were some wag junior&senior gymnasts missing... didn't get to see presentations though...

Nichole said...

Results are on gq page