Thursday, June 30, 2011

Japan Cup Preview

A short piece from The West Australian online featuring Lauren Mitchell and withdrawn team member Emily Little is here.

Best of luck, team!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the girls in Japan. Hope they do well and come home safe! It will be a tight turn around for them with Nationals so close.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many girls injured? What's happening?

Anonymous said...

The start list is out for tomorrow's team final at the Japan Cup. Australia starts on UB.

Brown, Mitchell, Miller
Monckton, Brennan, Mitchell
Monckton, Brennan, Mitchell
Miller, Monckton, Mitchell

Interesting that Monckton and Miller are doing VT over Brennan. Are they doing 1.5Ys or are their FTY better than Ashley's FTT? I know that Mary-Anne was training a DTY to a mat before she was injured. Monckton over Miller for floor is interesting. Mary-Anne must have impressed at the last camp.

For the AA it will be Lauren and Mary-Anne.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if the other girls have a chance to at least compete exhibition? Would like to see MAM on bars and GRB on FX and Miller on FX as well.

Anonymous said...

Mary anne cant be in the AA if she is not doing bars according to anon 11.53am.Which surprises me that Lauren is in doing bars over Mary anne as I thought that was Mary anne's strong app.

Anonymous said...

Is there an online streaming for Japan cup? Can we view it anywhere?

flopsy said...

or even quick hits? i cant find anything anywhere.

Anonymous said...

According to an interview on the Couch Gymnasts's blog Mary-Anne considers UB to be her weakest event.

The AA on sunday consists of 10 gymnasts, 2 from each country. I don't believe that the TF acts as a qualifier and that the girls are nominated to do AA finals which would explain why Mary-Anne doesn't nee to do UB in the TF.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on WWGYM

How to try to watch (if the AA is even on tomorrow)

1) Download Keyhole TV

2) Look for the characters for Fuji TV


Maybe it will work for WAG, too. But I'm not the person to ask about that.

P.S. The quality was not great.
Might be worth a try tomorrow.