Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 National Championships: MAG Senior

Please discuss matters concerning MAG Senior rounds of competition in the comments of this post.

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News and Notes:

* ARTICLE: Gymnastics Australia form guide 

* TV: MAG Seniors to appear on Ch 9's Wide World of Sport from 10:40am on Sunday, May 20th.

* VIDEO: Grant Denyer + male, female, rhythmic and trampoline gymnasts on Sunrise 

* I don't think my usual sources will be at MAG nights, but Gymnastics Australia will be providing Facebook updates tonight (Thurs 24/05; other sessions TBA?)

* VIDEO: GA have pre-event interviews with Offord, Wiwatowski, and Pichler here 

* RESULTS: Results and standings here.

* TV: Tom and Josh were mentioned on ABC News Breakfast on Fri 25/05 during a discussion of Australian sports having Olympic trials. It included footage from podium training. The reporter seemed all but convinced that on Night 1 performances alone, the spot will go to Josh. Don't count your chickens, mate!

*ARTICLE:  The Herald Sun on Josh, night 1

* VIDEO: Australian Olympic Committee interview with Josh and Tom after night 1 (includes routines)

* ARTICLE: Sydney Morning Herald on Tom and Josh


Anonymous said...

There is an article on Josh and Tom in the Sunday Mail in QLD with a pic of Josh

Anonymous said...

Missed WWOS - did someone record it - can you upload to youtube please :)))

anonymous said...

the wwos video is on the youtube channel - RK2197

Anonymous said...

Why are no results up yet for the younger men?

Anonymous said...

Who is coming first in the AA of the 9u? Is it Aiden Messori or Trenton Wan?

Anonymous said...

"Why are no results up yet for the younger men?"

Because GA are shit and don't care about people trying to follow the sport

Anonymous said...

Only one session of MAG so far - Level 9 Under and Level 9 Open. Presentations for team awards done last evening ... Gold for both teams to Qld but not sure of minor placings yet.(nsw bronze and silver but not sure which is which)
Younger boys compete next week - 6under, 7 under and 7 open and 8 open.
Yes I would like to see the results up for first round and do expect to see them today.

Aiden or Trenten - not sure but I did hear that Trenten was hurt on first apparatus - not sure how affected rest of comp :(

Anonymous said...

Trenten is on crutches with a sprained ankle

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved the reporting and quick hits from the boys last night.

Anonymous said...

link for interviews with both Josh and Thomas and national coach John Curtin after round 1 ... looking forward to tonight and hope both boys can hit their routines