Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unlucky in Osijek

Australia unfortunately came home empty-handed at the Osijek World Cup, with Nikola Chung toughing it out for last place in the floor final and only making a reserve position on beam.

Despite this, Nikki is to be commended for doing her best in a field that included medallists from the recent Pacific Rim Championships. This will be a valuable experience on the road to Nationals.

Scores can be found here.

Onwards and upwards, Nikki!

(Loooooooove that dramatic ending!)


Anonymous said...

Nikola is VERY expressive! she looks like Karen Nguyen but more expressive!

I hope she can polish up and add difficulty before nationals as with her VT and UB she has a good chance to make it!

Anonymous said...

That leo looks gorgeous on her!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Larrissa? Wasn't she meant to go too?

Anonymous said...

Wow her dance has improved so much, but the tumbling is relatively weak. You know when you see a routine opening with a double pike that the difficulty score is not going to be that high (esp when the top gymnasts in the world END with a double pike).

Anonymous said...

Larrissa elected to stay at the QAS to train and prepare for nationals. With new choreography, new music and new tumble lines, there is much to perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was thinking that about the difficulty.. having a row with a punch front step out through to double twist is pretty poor at SNR level. Some level 8-9s are doing this. This tumbling just doesn't cut it for me. I think the fact she has a DTY is strongly in her favour for olympic selection though.

Good on Larrissa for staying home. Best to be totally on the ball for nationals in an olympic year!