Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poster Boy

Hop on over to Luke Wiwatowski's blog to check out a pretty awesome giveaway and auction he's running.

Score yourself a piece of Nationals 2012 memorabilia. It's better than a Kate and Wills plate, that's for sure!

Hurry, entries close Sunday, June 3!


Anonymous said...

It's so nice of him to do this! Does anyone know where I could get one of the lauren posters without signatures?

Anonymous said...

Lauren posters ? The posters at nationals are Ash

Anonymous said...

Oh are they? Damn
Sorry, its hard to tell when she is upside down and the picture of the poster is from far away

Anonymous said...

Great idea - anyone know where the proceeds of the auction will go?

Luke Wiwatowski said...

Anon 12.51 The proceeds mainly go to the running costs of my website. It may come as a surprise but I am currently running at a loss to keep the website up and running. This is not including the rather large costs I pay for training and competition either. Not very amazing I know but it's hardly enough money to start a charity (yet). I may tackle this issue in a later blog post.