Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 National Championships: Rhythmic, Acro and Trampoline

Sorry to have neglected the other gymsports.

Here are some nuggets of news and media on rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline:

* ARTICLE: Sydney Morning Herald on Blake Gaudry and Janine Murray

* ARTICLE: Ty Swadling withdrawal notice (hang in there, Ty! Get well soon!)

* ARTICLE: GA interviews Dani Prince; see Janine Murray's routines here.

* ARTICLE: Revolution Gymnastics preview piece in Gladstone Observer

* ARTICLE: Jarrod Spear and Patrick Cooper preview piece

* RESULTS: Rhythmic results

* RESULTS: Trampoline results

* RESULTS: Acro results


Anonymous said...

Mez Monkton article

Nice one too

Anonymous said...

The acro , tramp are on now !

Anonymous said...

I know this is the Aussie Gym Blog (which I watch for new posts religiously on!) but I know there are some Aussies that are also American fans and I wanted to make sure I got to as many folks as I could. I started a petition for Chellsie Memmel and am trying to spread the word about it as fast as possible.... here's the link: Just in case anyone on your end wants to write anything. Thanks, M.