Sunday, February 8, 2009

Community Service Announcement

I've literally just walked in the door from a weekend in Tasmania, attending a friend's wedding. I had a lovely time, but it wasn't until I switched on the news that I fathomed how worrying things were in other parts of Australia.

I wish to send my heartfelt wishes out to anyone affected by the heat and severe fires that have destroyed parts of Victoria, my lovely home state, this weekend. I have relatives in Bendigo and surrounding areas, I understand the concern some of you may be experiencing. Bendigo in particular is a special place within the Australian gymnastics community as it has hosted several national and international events that have launched the careers of many of our elite stars.

It takes great courage to look out for loves ones and seek alternative shelter in the dangerous times, and more courage to stay put in the line of fire (no pun intended) in order to protect them and your home.

I hope this coming week brings better news and circumstances for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou. Yes so many people have been affected by the recent devasting bushfires.
If anyone in the Gymnastics community is interested in helping out they can do so by going to the ABC website to the "How you can help" page.

There are so many different areas where help is much needed. Let's all get onboard and help these fellow Australians.

Aid for the bushfire victims said...

Sorry, here is the correct link for those wanting to assist.