Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home and A-WAIS

I love mysteries. Don't you?

The sport of Gymnastics has been involved in the filming of some local TV shows in recent weeks.

The profile of the sport, our athletes and well known health and fitness benefits have seen Australian TV networks approach Gymnastics Australia to have the sport included in the filming of future episodes of their most popular shows.

Whilst we are unable to detail the name of the shows (at the request of the networks) we will endeavour to let you know as soon as we can, of possible air dates (including any behind the scenes photos or verbal reports) from athletes or those directly involved.

We can tell you that one show featured a senior member of the Women's National Squad and both involved contestants getting into gymnastics activities.

Stay tuned for more information on these great promotions of the sport.

Evidently they can no longer shell out for Nationals to be filmed and broadcasted. But they can get our girls a guest spot on something scripted. Right. Well, I predict any of the following:

* Neighbours- Season 21, Episode 5: "Little Beam of Sunshine". Kiralee is in two minds about admitting her pregnancy to Jacksyn. Dr Karl is on temporary leave; Amber Fulljames guest stars as Dr Anne Smedgley (PhD, BSc), the wisened and well-travelled Family Planning consultant.

* So You Think You Can Dance? Semifinal: Suprise celebrity contestant Dasha Joura gets a flight to Sydney and wins an automatic place in the Grand Final by simply staring down the judges.

* Big Brother- AIS Edition: Kyle Sandilands makes smart remarks overlooking the AIS gymnastics training hall. Everybody SMS-votes for him to be evicted.

* The Shack- Olympics Special: Stephanie Rice shows you how to take perfect photographs... of yourself. Grant Hackett takes on the-stupid-male-hosts-with-stupid-stage-names in a Weetbix-eating competition. Phillippe Rizzo shows fashionable tweens how to make a beauty spot work in their favour.

* The Wiggles- A Very Wiggly Olympics: Purple Wiggle Jeff's constant sleeping deemed suspicious by drug testing officials. Lauren Mitchell steps in as a late replacement, adds Humphrey turn into 'Hot Potato' choreography.

* Packed to the Rafters- Season 2, Episode 6: "Dysfunction Junction". Quirky Son of the Equally Quirky, Borderline Neurotic Rafter Parents falls for Quirky New Neighbour Bindy (special guest star Georgia Bonora) and invites her to dinner. Quirkily, she declines, but he pursues her well into the next episode. In a quirky yet tediously inevitable fashion.

In other appearance news, Emily Little has been selected to compete at Gymnix. Lauren Mitchell will forgo the Doha World Cup in favour of the Salamunov Memorial (Maribor) World Cup in April.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the little gymnasts will kick some larger peoples backside into gear in the biggest loser.

The Couch Gymnast said...

Lady. You. Crack. Me. Up!

Mez said...

I personally think it would be patronising to get them on the Biggest Loser. Young athletes maintaining a healthy body weight is quite different to overwight people trying to lose a lot of weight.

The poor people are having enough trouble RUNNING on national television let alone doing anything the least bit acrobatic.

Flipstar said...

Its got to be the biggest loser. What other shows are on tv at the moment? Plus, the report does say "our athletes and well known health and fitness benefits". A little hit per chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mez. If it IS the Biggest Loser, that is so wrong on so many levels. Then again, that show is so wrong on so many levels.

Oh, let's get some good ratings by targeting vulnerable obese people, let's shame and belittle them, let's call them the derogatory label "loser" (double entendre), let's tease them with their favourite foods, let's send them to a merciless boot camp, let's pitch them against each other, let's encourage bickering and nastiness. And maybe we'll even show them some teensy tiny athletes and make them feel like shit because they can't do what these gymnasts can do?

Of course, we'll argue that's all to help them lose weight - nothing to do with use getting good ratings.

Sheesh - I put this show in the same category as Big Brother. Should be banned from TV. Shame on Channel 10 yet again!


Mez said...


Well, seeing as they already met the cast, I reckon the girls MIGHT get a slot on So You Think You're a Bit of All Right at Body-Popping (with an appearance from Stacey too perhaps!) i.e. they might bring finallists to the AIS and they show the girls doing dance training and possibly get them to talk about what it's like performing on the biggest stage in the world.

Oooh! Oooh! What's that rip-off of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with Shelley Craft? The one where Shelley Craft (or is it Johanna Griggs?) extremely makes over the home of a disadvantaged or community-minded person? I reckon they make over the home of a family who have a child who likes gymnastics and bring the girls in for a surprise...

My mind is buzzing with possibilities!

Anonymous said...

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!! the girls would be great for that!

Nic said...

wow thanks mez for this i cant wait to see gymnasts on t.v. (For Once!)
please please keep us updated on dates so that i know when to watch i would hate to miss it !!

thank you again for great gymnastics news:)xoxo