Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exhibit A: Gymnast.

At 3:25 of this video, you can see a recovered Olivia Vivian performing an 'exhibition' (see: score doesn't count) bars routine in the OSU meet against the University of Washington. Nice stick on the dismount for a 9.75, her highest score yet.


Petunia said...

it must be refreshing for a gymnast to perform an "exhibition" :)

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, I actually think Olivia has improved!
Didn't look as labored as usual.

Nic said...

there so lucky.
the crowds in america are so loud and supportive I would love to have that when I compete!

Cheer louder people!!!!!
get gymnasts on the t.v.

Anonymous said...

We defintely have to cheer louder here, although i was once told to be quite as i might put them off and i had to explain that when the girls compete OS it is really loud and they have to deal with thse distractions.