Sunday, February 22, 2009

Open Day - Vids

Thought this might make the viewing process easier in terms of not-being-buried-under-other-stuff. Sorry about the quality.

My first video is a very short one, but you can spot Britt Greeley off to the side.

My second video is... a bit crap.

Here is what Nade filmed. The levels kiddies were doing dance-throughs in synch on the floor. Quite cute. I remark that I initially though the piano music was a bit 'Chariots of Fire', and those of you who've seen Georgia gymnast Abby Stack's new floor... you'll realise that that piece of music can be butchered through choreography.

In this video, you can see Ashleigh Brennan and Fiona Coley jogging around the mat to warm up and Britt shifting the mat for tumbling.

I have a couple more but YouTube is being slow and unhelpful. Please stay tuned, as some additional photos of the training session are also on their way!

(Thanks Ade)


Anonymous said...

will you be posting all the photos you took as well?

Thanks heaps for these

Mez said...

I only have 2 photos and I posted them in yesterday's piece. Remaining photos to come, courtesy of Ade.

As I said, a couple more of my videos are yet to uploaded.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful knees on he child doing splits on the box in the foreground.
Anyone know who she is?

Anonymous said...

Beautifil everything on the child on the box. That's Laura Hingston


VicGym said...

Thanks for those videos.

Sillybilly said...

I like their training leos- purple & sparkly!! Lovely toepoint on Laura!