Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Just In...

Australia will be sending an MLC Gymnastics delegation, in addition to Emily Little, to compete at Gymnix in Canada in the first week of March.

These athletes are Amelia McGrath, Chloe Turko, Alex Byers-Armstrong, Georgia McIntosh, Clare O'Donnell, Isobel Looker, Kristina Ostojic and Georgia Wheeler.

Good luck to all the girls!

ETA: The MLC athletes will also be competing at the Gliders Invitational.


Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for the girls, it's great for them to be able to compete OS. I am confused as to why they are listed as MLC/VWHPC as these are two different clubs

Mez said...

That was my fault. I thought I recognised a couple of names as also training at VWHPC. I will edit that.

Nic said...

wow i used to train with georgia mcIntosh before she went to mlc.
What stsge/level thingy will she be competing at gymnix does anyone know?

Mez said...

FYI: Emily will be in the International Cup division.

Amelia, Chloe and Georgia W will also be in that division (but I thought they were younger than Em...?)

Alex, Clare and Georgia M will be in the National Open division.

Isobel and Kristina will be in the Novice division.

gymmum said...

The MLC girls will also participate in the Gliders Invitational in Los Angeles, California.