Monday, February 9, 2009

Slightly More Positive News

Olivia Vivian's latest diary entry can be found here.

Some more Massilia Cup videos have surfaced (thanks, Aurelia) including Britt Greeley's floor final routine here, and Lauren Mitchell's floor and bars routines from their respective finals. Looks like that piked full-in is staying, I just wish the poor dear could control it!

At this point I wish to ask people to consider donating two very important commodities - money or your own blood - to the Red Cross who are putting both towards victims of the bushfires who sorely need resources. Both would only require a short amount of your time but would make a lifetime of difference. Also consider joining (and committing to the ideal of) the Buy a CFA Volunteer a Beer Day group at Facebook. Couldn't be more Aussie.

I wish also to paraphrase the words of one of my favourite bloggers and pop-culture wordsmiths Jess Macguire at Defamer blog, whose blogging lifestyle (with the exception of the Lily Allen condoms thing) is similar to my own-

And at times like these, waking up in the morning and writing stories about Lily Allen being unable to buy condoms without getting recognised or posting YouTube videos of angry cats just makes me feel like a complete dick, you know?. But it is what I do, much to my family's shame, and it's what you come here for.

But I want you to know that while I won't be writing much else about the fires on Defamer Australia - god knows there are enough reputable news outlets you can get information from, you don't need me throwing in my pointless two cents - please don't think that I don't care or am too obsessed with Southern Sons' hits of yesteryear to be following the situation.

Instead, go to The Age or The Herald Sun or any other news site you like, and you'll find out all you need to know. And so as Your Editor spends the week trawling through the pointless and occasionally amusing world of celebrity and pop culture, know that I do so whilst quietly keeping the folks who have lost everything during the weekend bushfires in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you'll do the same.


Help the Victorian bushfire victims said...

If anyone in the Gymnastics community is interested in helping out in a variety of ways, they can do so by going to the ABC website to the "How you can help" page, link is above.

Anonymous said...

I was picking up friends from NICA yesterday and noticed a sign in the WHPC window that the gymnasts are having an open day on the 21st Feb - it said that they are normally family events and free but on this Saturday it will be open to the public and entry by donation which will go to the Bushfire Appeal - i asked the lady who put the sign up and she said she will be putting something up on the website soon. How sweet