Monday, September 14, 2009

Aussie Two at OSU... 2!

Many many thanks to Richard for a brief report from Oregon State's training session on Friday.

New recruit Melanie Jones showed a Tsuk-full vault and worked releases on bars. On beam she showed a nice two-foot back layout. She didn't have music for her floor routine but did a dance through and showed a double arabian onto soft mats.

He just missed Olivia V's floor in the session but thinks it was like the others in that only a dance-through on the floor mat was completed, with tumbling performed on softer mats offside (as above). She also worked releases on bars but did not show a vault.

As he says, it looked like they were working hard and being worked hard!

Can't wait to see their routines in the new season...

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Anonymous said...

Great to have some catch up news on our old favourites. Livvy was a spark in our team and always ensured the camps were fun.